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eNDT is the ultimate application for people involved in Non Destructive Testing.



You can download it for free by clicking any of these links:

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EXTENDE has developed this tool to ease your NDT professional life and education. You can learn and practice NDT in the train, plane, during a boring meeting, wherever and whenever you want with your mobile device (cell and tablet, optimized for tablet)!



This application includes:

  • Tools in Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Testing and Radiographic Testing: from Snell's law to Photon flux to Eddy Current Penetration Depth. These tools may be helpful in your work or your studies.
  • A quiz to test your knowledge on a specific technique or all of them. Register your nickname and check your world ranking! If you’re among the best, everybody will know it!
  • A virtual Ultrasonic Testing inspection to challenge your skill on a blind mockup including an unknown geometric figure inspected with 0° LW. Try to guess it! Made with the world leader simulation software for NDT, CIVA, this inspection is designed for level II.
  • Pedagogic training videos explaining some physical phenomena. Student or professional, these videos are made for you.
  • Information about simulation in NDT and especially CIVA Software.

We look forward to your feedback!