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Happy New year 2013, Happy CIVA 11!

Extende's Team

  EXTENDE team wishes you a happy new year 2013. Starting with the realease of CIVA 11 in a few months, we hope that 2013 will bring you success, as well as happiness. We remain at your disposal to answer any question you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at


  The realease of CIVA 11 is coming soon. Keeping up the progress started with CIVA 10 and building upon your feedback, CIVA 11 will bring major advances that provide many new simulation possibilities to the users. This version also includes architecture and model improvements, leading to both higher performances and more precise computations. Finally, many efforts have been done to make the software much more user-friendly. Don’t miss this new version which makes CIVA 11 even more of the ultimate tool for NDT simulation.
Please click on this link to read a description of the main improvements of CIVA 11. Or send us an e-mail at

Mr Hasting

  This month, Mr Haakon Stokka Hasting, engineer at DNV Stavanger, was interviewed regarding CIVA, and its applications in the company. Kindly find below his point of view on simulation.

Dear Håkon, can you let us know when you started using CIVA?
I started using CIVA in 2010.
How did you hear about this simulation software?
I got aware of CIVA during several...Read more.
New team member


  Ms Souad Bannouf has joined our team this month! Doctor in physics, she will be taking part in all the Research and Development projects, and will also be part of the support team. Her research topic was carried out at CEA, where she worked on the development and the optimization of synthetic imaging methods, in particular Total Focusing Method imaging, for non-destructive testing of complex industrial parts.
Congresses 2013


  We started to plan the schedule of the congresses that EXTENDE will attend this year. We will try to represent the company all over the globe, starting with:
  • ICPIIT, Houston, USA, from the 12th to the 15th of June,
  • COTEQ, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, from the 18th to the 21st of June,
  • SINCE, Singapore, from the 20th to the 21st of July,
  • You can find the events that we are planning to attend in 2013 on our dedicated webpage.
4L Trophy

4L Trophy

  In the frame of its commitment to encourage social initiative, EXTENDE supports a student team of the 4L Trophy, Remi Saez and Pierre Gaudeul studying Aeronautics Maintenance. This student adventure raid combines action, sharing and solidarity. This car competition will start in France and drive to Morocco. One of the goals of such a race is a solidarity initiative. In partnership with two associations, "Les enfants du desert" and "Le rire medecin", they will provide school bags (containing classroom materials) and backpacks (containing sports equipment). To know more about this competition, please visit the official website.We will inform you about our "team" success in our next newsletter and on our website. The real success should be human in any case!
CIVA tip: Smooth a C-Scan in CIVA ET

Smooth a C-Scan in CIVA ET

  How to increase the resolution a posteriori of a defect response result in CIVA Eddy Current? User might wish to smooth a simulated C-Scan. It can help to present the results in a more understanding way while limiting the number of calculation points and time. Of course, as smoothing is based on an interpolation of the available results, user has to pay attention to have enough points really calculated in order to avoid introducing artifacts in the smoothed C-scan. But...Read more
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