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  CIVA V11 is coming soon: The development and testing team is currently getting together to finalize CIVA11 in order to deliver to you a quality version. More specific information will be given to CIVA users on its availability within the next month.
Please click on this link to read a description of the main improvements of CIVA 11. Or send us an e-mail at

Mr Milligan

  We had the chance to interview a new CIVA user this month, Mr. Jeff Milligan from Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

Dear Jeff, you recently decided to purchase CIVA software. For which kind of applications will it be useful for you?
Structural Integrity Associates provides engineering services and advanced NDE to the power generation industry. CIVA will help us with scan planning and probe selection/optimization when using phased array UT and potentially guided wave UT. Read more...
New validation examples available

Validation examples

  EXTENDE has released some new validation examples on its website. Some validation results of the CIVA software for TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction Technique) inspection configurations are presented. In particular, notches diffraction echoes are validated. Because calibration was performed with the response of Side-Drilled Holes (SDH), we will present first the validation of SDH responses obtained with TOFD. Read more...
New team member


  Ms. Laura Clement joins our team!
After a master in nuclear instrumentation, she followed a second master in the expertise, and the control of materials and structures (radiography in particular). Then, she worked at CEA in Bordeaux. She joins the consulting team at EXTENDE and will also participate to technical support activities for CIVA users. Thus, the team improves its skills in Radiography to bring the best possible service to our customers. For any additional information, you can contact her at


  In the frame of the Research and Development project “MACSIM”, focused on Acoustic Emission NDT, we launched one month ago a campaign, to try to collect interest and expectation on Acoustic Emission simulation. This MACSIM project has ended, and we now have to make feedback and specify a possible future module based on this work. If you are interested in preparing the future with us by giving your opinion on this development, we would greatly appreciate your help. You can answer the seven questions of this form and thus add your contribution to CIVA enhancement. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
4L Trophy

4L Trophy

  Last month, we were explaining you that EXTENDE decided to support a team of students participating to the 4L Trophy. This amazing experience has now ended, our team came back safe and arrived in the 677th position over more than 1500 participants. They went through the desert, had mechanical problems and were silted, but this raid will remain an incredible adventure. The most important is that they could supply schools and children with educational material. We hope that our team will be able to make us a testimony about this experience and its feelings. We are proud to have supported this event.
CIVA tip: Convert zoom to limitation

Convert zoom to limitation

Convert zoom to limitation

  It can be useful during analysis to reduce the set of studied data. The following acquired results deals with responses from different Side Drilled Holes in a calibration block. This example focuses on the responses from the 3 SDH on the top right of the main Bscan image. After zooming in any view that is not a reconstructed view (A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, echodynamic…), the magic button “Convert zoom to limitation” is available from the data tool. Read more..
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