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CIVA 11 available in June
  Expected by many of you for a few months, the new version of CIVA is now really close to being released! CIVA11.0 will be available in June and delivered to all users having a valid maintenance contract. The description of the main improvements is available under this link. Details on the installation and licensing will be provided by email to each user.

Mr Joao Conte

  A lot of congresses are planned for EXTENDE this year. One of our goals is to remain close to CIVA users. Thus, we hope that we will see some of you on our booth. If these events are conducive to exchanges about NDT, we wanted to have the point of view of one of the organizers. We had the privilege to ask Mr. Joao Conte, executive director at ABENDI, to answer our questions.
Dear Mr. Conte, next June, the COTEQ conference, organised by the Abendi will take place in Porto de Galinhas for the 11th edition. What are your expectations for this meeting?
We have a very high expectations
  The congresses season is about to start. This year, EXTENDE will attend:
  • ICPIIT 2013, International Chemical and Petroleum Industry Inspection Technology Conference
  • COTEQ 2013, Conference on Technologies and Equipments in NDT
  • SINCE 2013, Singapore International NDT Conference & Exhibition
  • QNDE 2013, Conference on Quantitative Non Destructive Evaluation
  • BINDT 2013, Annual conference of the British Institute of NDT
  • The 10th International Conference on NDE, The 10th International Conference on NDE in relation to Structural Integrity for nuclear and Pressurized Components
  • CINDE 2013, The Canadian Institute for NDE Conference
  • ESOPE 2013, The leading pressure equipment tradeshow
  • AIPnD 2013, 15th National Italian Conference on Non Destructive Testing
  • ASNT 2013, Annual conference of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing
You can find more information about it by taking a look at our website
Special conference in Leuven


  In September, 2013, from the 16th to the 20th, The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven will be organising a Composites Week at Leuven. This full week will be combining:
  • three one-day symposia on NANO and BIO composites and on composites DESIGN
  • a two-day TEXCOMP conference on textile composited
More information about this event under this link
4L Trophy

Mr. Remi Saez

  To close the chapter about the 4L Trophy, we invite you to visit our webpage dedicated to this adventure, including an interview of Mr. Remi Saez, one of the students of the expedition.

The 4L Trophy you participated in has been an amazing experience, but how did you come up with the idea to take a part in this project?
In first year, we have been provided with a list of projects. In this list, few projects were of interest to me, except for this one.

What has been your main motivation to participate in this adventure?
First of all, the humanitary side was a strong motivation, then the discovery of Marocco. And the adventure of hitting the road with a 30 year old car. Read more...
CIVA tip: Modes identification


  In CIVA 11, a new tool facilitates the interpretation of the various echoes of a Bscan through modes and paths identification. To use this tool, the "identification mode" must be activated in the model. It is available in the "option" tab under the "simulation settings" panel. To identify the simulated echoes on the Bscan or True Bscan, select them with the selection tool accessible in the data toolbox. Read more..
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