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Validation of CIVA

CIVA Validation

  The validation of Civa code consists in evaluating the reliability or the accuracy of its predictions by comparing these predictions to reference results. This month, three new validation cases have been uploaded onto our website:
EXTENDE providing calculation space
  A small reminder this month to let you know that EXTENDE can help you run your calculation, by providing you some computer space. You may want to increase your computation time, or just launch important computations. You can contact us and we will lend you some space on our machines. Just send us your configuration and we will do the rest for you. For more information about this service, please send us an e-mail at
Last publication presented on POD during the BINDT


  EXTENDE just attended the last BINDT conference in Telford, UK. At this occasion, Mr. Fabrice FOUCHER and Mr. Jeremie GAINE presented a paper on a tool for POD, developed by EXTENDE for a consulting study done for Alstom. If you are interested on POD, please do not hesitate to read this interesting publication. You can also visit our webpage dedicated to publications if you a looking for a specific topic.
New blog for EXTENDE's website
  In the previous newsletter, we asked you your opinion on adding a blog to EXTENDE's future new website. If you have some time, please don't forget to fill in this questionnaire and give us your opinion on a new tool to share with us, and between the NDT community. It is available on this link. Many thanks for your collaboration.
Schedule your CIVA 11 Training
  With the release of CIVA 11, you may be thinking about attending a new training session. If you wish to register from 3 to 6 people of your company, we can come to organize a dedicated training session at your facilities. For less than 3 people, we suggest you to attend an inter-company training session. The next one will take place in November, from the 18th to the 22nd and will focus on CIVA UT and CIVA GWT. Visit our website to keep you update of the next training sessions organized by EXTENDE.
Last Congresses of the year
  A small reminder to bear in mind the last conferences that EXTENDE will attend before the end of the year:
CIVA tip: Visualization of ultrasonic propagation

UT propagation

  After performing a beam computation with CIVA or a beam extraction within CIVA-ATHENA2D, the software displays by default for each computation point the maximum amplitude of the received beam. On the following figure, the beam extends from the probe to the specimen backwall. Read more...

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