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Guided Waves module Version 11
  A new CIVA GWT version is going to be released in the next weeks. New capabilities will be available. In particular CIVA 11 GWT will predict the response of a 2D geometrical discontinuity of the waveguide. It may be for example an axisymmetric weld, groove or section transition between pipes of different diameters. Moreover a flaw may be inserted close to the discontinuity, CIVA will then handle the prediction of the echoes from the flaw and from the discontinuity.
Interview: Mr. Gerard Cattiaux

Mr. Gerard Cattiaux

  We had the chance to interview Mr. Gerard Cattiaux, from IRSN. IRSN (the French National Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety) is the national public expert on nuclear and radiological risks. It contributes to the safety of nuclear facilities through technical support for nuclear safety authorities. It assists the authorities in charge of the protection of nuclear materials, facilities and transportation against malicious acts. IRSN monitors environmental radiation and worker exposure to ionizing radiation. It conducts on an independent basis any research required to assess risks and contributes to informing the public on these risks. Read more.

Focus on the Cofrend days
  Some of you may attend it as well: Cofrend days in Bordeaux, from the 20th to the 22nd of May 2014. EXTENDE will present two papers on Wednesday the 21st of May. The first one, from 3:20pm to 3:40pm, will be presented by Mr. Sebastien Lonne, titled "Simulation study on the detection of flaws on a shrinkage network". It will be followed from 4:50pm to 5:10pm by a paper presented by Ms. Souad Bannouf, titled "Development and validation of simulation tools for Ultrasound testing of austenitic welds", dealing with MOSAICS's project, in collaboration with ANR.
EXTENDE's Consulting Offer

Consulting study

  On top of distributing and supporting CIVA licenses, EXTENDE proposes services: services around CIVA: training courses, computation studies (complex cases, series of calculations…), and services in NDE: our field of experience associated with our expertise in simulation is a key point when writing specification, carrying out qualifications, performance demonstrations or bringing new NDE process into service.
If you are interested in a consulting study, do not hesitate to send us your data in order to receive a quotation for this service. More information on this link.
EXTENDE dedicated offer for Universities
  Student, teachers or researchers may be interested by our new webpage, where you will find some pedagogic training tools and a presentation of what CIVA can do for you: understand better the physical phenomena that will appear in a specimen, practice as much as you want without raising the price, ask one of our team members to come for an intervention in your class and propose your students to face industrial constraint,… Moreover, discounted prices are proposed for teaching and research use in universities. Read more.
CIVA tip: Build a video in CIVA ATHENA2D module

Video Tip on ATHENA2D module

  The CIVA ATHENA2D module allows to store beam snapshots that can be used to generate and visualize a video of the of the beam/flaw scattering. Such a video might be very interesting to visualize the physical phenomena that are created when the field interacts with flaws and/or specimen boundaries. To generate a video of the field propagation and interaction with the flaws and/ or specimen boundaries the steps are the following: Read more and visualize a presentation video.
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