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New validation cases on our website: Multiskip echoes
  CIVA predictions for multi-skip corner echoes of notches located in homogeneous and isotropic flat specimen were compared with experimental results. Two immersion probes were used, a 5MHz conventional probe and a linear phased array. The single element probe was used with two angles of incidence in order to generate T45° and L45° waves. The phased-array was used to generate T45° in order to focus waves at different sound paths. For accessibility reasons, some specimen may be inspected with a multi-skip ultrasonic beam (multiple skips on the backwall and surface). This ultrasonic multi-skip inspection allows to reach parts far from the probe. Most of the time, a 45° shear wave (T45°) beam is used in order to avoid mode conversions due to successive skips. L45° wave inspection is less used because it leads to the apparition of several echoes complicating the results interpretation. Read more on our website!


  Two conferences are coming soon!

The next one will be the CONAEND. Organized by the Abendi, it will take place in São Paulo (Brazil), from the 18th to the 21st of August.

The next one is the ECNDT (European Conference) organized in Prague (Czech Republic), from the 6th to the 10th of October.

Send us an e-mail if you would like to plan a meeting or a CIVA demo with us at this occasion.
EXTENDE upcoming trainings
  After your summer holidays, take the time to come and enjoy a training session focused on the CIVA 11 features. A good opportunity to start the coming year with new skills.
These courses are intended for CIVA users, future CIVA users or people wishing to know the possibilities of the software.
  • September 8th-9th 2014 (CIVA GWT)
  • September 22nd-26th 2014 (CIVA UT, RT)
It is recommended that participants have basic knowledge in the field of NDT. The courses above propose periods of lectures and periods of practical use of the software on a PC through a set of application examples.
PC configuration updated for CIVA


  Since the 8 April 2014, support from Microsoft for Windows XP has ended, which means that there will be no more security updates or technical support from them for the Windows XP operating system. Thus, EXTENDE advise CIVA users to migrate to a more modern operating system such as Windows 7. You will be able to use CIVA software with Windows XP, but support and maintenance contracts will not guaranty the comptatibility with the next CIVA version.
CIVA tip: Reconstruction and mirror effect on B-scans for CIVA 11

Mirror effect

  After performing a simulation, CIVA usually displays reconstructed views or true scans. You may need to change the reconstruction for a better understanding of the results. CIVA 11 proposes a new way to realize this process. Read more.
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