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  EXTENDE will attend the next European conference, held in Prague, from the 6th to the 10th of October. At this occasion, we will organize a session on the benefits of simulation. Thus, in the room 220, on Thursday afternoon, we will introduce the capabilities of CIVA and the SIMPOSIM project. Find the program on this link. If you wish to register for this presentation, please send us an e-mail with your name, the name of your company and your contact details.
Note that in the morning a specific session is dedicated to papers on SIMPOSIUM results.
On top of that, three technical articles will be presented during this congress. One about "Validation of simulation tools for ultrasonic inspection of austenitic welds in the framework of MOSAICS project", another one about a "Simulation study to improve the detection of planar defects located under shrinkage cavities", and one about "Benchmarks for validating and improving simulation codes acceptation".
We look forward to seing you in Prague!
Fall School
  A Fall School on "Modeling and Simulation for Non Destructive Evaluation" will be held from the 13th to the 17th of October, 2014, at:
Saclay, FRANCE,

The school is organized by the International chair "Materials Simulations & Engineering" and its partners CEA, EDF and EXTENDE. Find the program under this link, and contact Ms. Martine Mury for registration and information at martine.mury[a]
  We remind our customers that for some usual questions, answers can be found in the FAQ section of our support portal in the “search solution” section. You can for example find why delay laws are restricted in some cases, how to perform a parametric variation or what the advised computer configuration is.
EXTENDE upcoming trainings
  Visit our website to see the upcoming CIVA training sessions! Three locations are now available: Massy and Grenoble in France or Balton Spa (Malta, NY) in the USA.
  • October 21st-24th 2014 (UT, ATHENA2D) - NY
  • October 23rd-24th 2014 (GWT) - Massy,
  • November 17th-21st 2014 (UT, GWT) - Massy,
  • November 24th-25th 2014 (RT, CT) - Massy,
  • December 18th-19th 2014 (ET) - Grenoble,
CIVA tip: CAD Export

CAD Export

  Click here or on the "play button" to launch the video.

Since CIVA 11, it is possible to import into CIVA RT-CT and CIVA UT several 3D CAD files in the same configuration. You can also export parametric or 2D CAD files from CIVA as 3D IGES files, in order to reload them together in the 3D CAD interface, or for any other purpose!
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