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CIVA 2016: A powerful simulation and analysis data tool
  CIVA 2016 integrates many developments to meet your needs, and optimizes existing models such as:
  • new capabilities in composite materials simulation, complex welds modelling as well as an optimized ray tracing extended to zone coverage in the UT module,
  • new sensors in the ET module,
  • new ”high energies” sources in the RT Module,
  • or the addition of helical trajectories for the CT module.
Also in terms of Analysis, you'll discover new tools to both enrich and accelerate your analysis. Finally, we have taken into account your feedback to correct some dysfunctions, improve some tools and guide the development of this version toward your needs. Please find the release note of CIVA 2016 on our website.
Interview: Mr. Vincent PASQUER
  In the frame of a technical day organized by OLYMPUS and EXTENDE, Mr. Vincent Pasquer, Director of Sales EMEA at OLYMPUS, agreed to a small interview:

Mr. Pasquer, why did you accept a compatibility of your equipments with a product developped by the CEA?

Watch it in our YouTube Channel!
Validation cases
  On our website, a new study published consists in evaluating the predictions of calculation models available in CIVA for inclusions and infinite plan in immersion. To do so, experimental cartographies of the acoustic beam of immersion probes realized for steel inclusions and an infinite plan in water were compared with the predictions of CIVA with different calculation models (SOV model) with or without plane wave approximation and the specular model. [...] Read more
Training catalogue
  The list of our CIVA inter-company training courses for 2016 is available now on our website. We propose you some sessions:
  • in Massy, France
  • in Genoble, France
  • or in Malta, New York, USA
Consult our training catalogue 2016 now available.
We also propose some dedicated training sessions. They are usually organized in your premises but can also be organized in ours. The program is the same but also can be more or less adapted to your personal needs. With such a session, you can register from 1 up to 6 people.
Capme'Up Day
  EXTENDE is participating to a Capme'Up day organised by experts from CETIM and CEA List. This day will be held in Grenoble the 24th March 2016. It is an extended format of the NDT workshops and monthly free Capme'up. It is open to 40 people. The programme (in french) includes 3 demonstration workshops and individual interviews with experts. [...] Read more
French research recognized around the world
  This month, our blog informed you about a notification that appeared in a French review called Contrôles Essais Mesures. The ranking by Thomson Reuters covers "the 25 public institutions that contribute most to the advancement of science and technology in the world" writes Reuters. The CEA is leading this world organizations list, the CNRS is 5th and Inserm is 10th. [...] Read more.
Workshop WCNDT
  We are getting closer to the event now. From the 13th to the 17th of June 2016, Extende will attend the WCNDT Event, in the booth n°B 120. This is also the opportunity for us to present 4 papers:
    On Wednesday, 15th of June,
  • "A Modeling Study of the SLOFEC Eddy Current System" presented by Mr. Fabrice Foucher, at 10h40.
  • "New Possibilities of Simulation Tools for NDT and Applications" presented by Mr. Fabrice Foucher, at 13h30.
  • "RT Modeling for NDT Recent and Future Developments in the CIVA RT/CT Module", presented by Mr. Roman Fernandez, at 13h30.
  • On Thursday, 16th of June
  • "A Tool for Insertion of Simulation on Real Acquisition Files" presented by Dr. Souad Bannouf, at 10h30.
CIVA Tip: optimize a RT configuration

ROI in the 3D view

  Different options can be selected in CIVA to optimize a RT configuration and reduce time of calculation or the memory size of a configuration. First of all, a Region Of Interest (ROI) can be defined. To define it, select “use ROI” from the Options panel / Detector tab. The region of interest is a small rectangular region within the film which is sub sampled to obtain a finer resolution. Select the “Up scaling” factor in the drop-down list. [...] Read more.
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