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Insert simulated flaws on real acquisition files
  This is the topic of the last publication presented during the WCNDT by Dr. Souad BANNOUF which sparked the public's interest. Indeed because analysis training may be challenging and costly, especially when dealing with complex components and because it is more efficient on realistic data, EXTENDE has developed a tool that lets you include signals simulated with CIVA into experimental data. Insertion in acquisition files of simulation signals obtained on virtual defects located inside a component similar to the one used for experiment is now possible with this tool. Read more...
Training on UT and RT in September
  Since CIVA offers more and more solutions and new modules, we want the CIVA users’ community to take advantage of this software and all its capabilities. By participating in the next training course, you will be able to maximize the benefits of CIVA UT & RT, know its limitations and get sufficient knowledge of the calculation models to perform more efficient simulations. It will take place in Massy, FRANCE:

from the 26th to the 30th of September 2016

If you are interested in this session, please send us an e-mail at contact@extende.com. More information about our training sessions are available on our website or in the training catalogue.
Interview Mr. Martin
  This month, we managed to meet with Mr. Etienne Martin, from EDF, President of the ENIQ and at the BoD:
Mr. Martin, you got an engineering degree from ENSAM and have spent most of your career at EDF in the field of Non Destructive Testing. You are also President of the European Network for Inspection and Qualification (ENIQ) and at the BoD (Board of Directors) of the qualification and personnel certification organization (COFREND and EFNDT). According to your experience, how do you situate the French expertise in NDT?
Compared with some other countries, we have mature requirements regarding process performances and the proficiency of the operators that we are cited as prime example in the field of NDT. Read more...
Next conferences
  EXTENDE is attending the 43rd review of QNDE 2016 conference at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, GA, USA. Dr. Souad BANNOUF will represent EXTENDE and will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with a demo of the new CIVA 2016 version. Click here and fill in the formular to book a meeting time with her.
The same week as QNDE, Ms. Erica Schumacher will be attending the NAVSEA 2016 NDT Working Group in Bremerton, Washington, USA.
Following these conferences, Mr. Roman FERNANDEZ and Ms. Caroline QUINTANILHA will attend the CONAEND conference in São Paulo at the Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca.
Feel free to contact us via our contact webpage if you need more information about one of these events.
Simulation for composite structures
  CIVA 2016 comes with new capabilities regarding fiber composite structure inspections. The existing semi-analytical computation models have been enhanced and can now address curved composites. It has been integrated in a more user-friendly and dedicated CIVA UT Composite interface. Moreover, there is now an hybrid computation model available in CIVA for more powerful computation on composite structures. CIVA FIDEL2D is an “add-on” module available with CIVA UT modeling. This tool is gathering the benefits of CIVA models and finite difference methods (time domain, FDTD) developed in the FIDEL code (from AIRBUS Innovation Group) to address additional configurations compared to semi-analytical models (inter-plies interferences and resonances, composite noise, ply waviness, video of beam-fiber scattering, …) Read more or send us an e-mail for a WebEx presentation.
Save the date for Webinars
  Starting next September, EXTENDE planned to organize some free WebEx Webinars for you! Since you are spread all around the world, we will split each of them into two different times, thus, for each, there will be one in the morning, another one in the afternoon. The times listed are CET (Paris time). Both topics are: Register now with your name and e-mail via the links above to be sure to be booked for these sessions.
CIVA Tip: Eddy current array probes

Subtraction in CIVA

  With Civa 2016, many improvements have been made in the description of Eddy current array probes. Indeed, it is possible to define this kind of sensor using an array probe editor available by selecting the “Array probe” type. For these kinds of probes, one or more layers can be defined, each layer can contain a different number of elements, and a different type of coil. The editor enables you to define all these parameters in just a few clicks. Read more ...
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