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Certification ISO: Version 2015
  We are proud to announce that EXTENDE has successfully renewed its two certifications ISO 9001: Version 2015 and ISO 14001: Version 2015, in January 2017!
In December 2011, EXTENDE was certified ISO 9001, a standard setting the requirements for a quality management system. In October 2013, EXTENDE also received the ISO 14001 environmental certification.
Recently, a new 2015 version of these standards has been published to replace the previous edition (ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2008). Every five years, the standards are reviewed and revised if necessary. This enables the relevance of these tools to adapt and be optimized for environments in constant change.
Interview of Mr. Alexey Slesarev
 In the frame of our regular newsletter, we interviewed Mr. Alexey Slesarev, Russian CIVA user.
Dear Mr. Slesarev, Your Company Transneft Diascan, JSC is specialized in Oil and Gas and performs NDT inspection for this sector. As a CIVA client, could you tell us why did you decide to use Simulation for your inspections?
We decided to use simulation for ultrasonic inspections for the two main reasons. Read more...
  You need to run many CIVA simulations to design or prepare your inspection?

Benefit from our HPC CIVA cluster in order to save money and shorten your R&D process.

Have a look at our small video for an overview of this offer.
  We received a publication from a Russian customer. Have a look at his testimonial available on our blog.
"Software platform CIVA was installed in Tomsk Polytechnic University in December, 2015. The reason for that was the necessity of Tomsk Open Laboratory for Material Inspection (TOLMI) in universal software for NDT result simulation. Based of Laboratory requirements, the following modules have been acquired: Ultrasound testing module; Radiography-Tomography module.(...)"
3D Printing
  After two years of intense collaboration, the subsidiary of the Gorgé Group, Prodways and CEA Tech have just concluded a five-year partnership to co-develop a 3D print break technology. Last October, Prodways, the subsidiary of the Gorgé group and CEA Tech announced the development of an innovative 3D printing technology. The result of two years of R&D on materials and processes, this innovation is benefiting from a new impetus from both structures, with the development of industrial applications still untouched to date. Read more...
CIVA Tip: UT Analysis operators

Improve the reconstructed view

  CIVA UT enables you to perform a semi-automatization of the analyze process of an acquisition file, based on one previous manual analysis.
Learn how to do it in our YouTube video!
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