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Save time and costs with simulation
  Because some of you find it hard to justify toward their economic decision-makers what are the benefits of simulation in terms of time and cost saving, we realized a short illustrated video that compares the case of an inspection development project with and without simulation. The example used comes from a complex specimen inspection case through Ultrasonic (UT) Phased-Array and Eddy Current (ET).
Find out what you will get in term of benefits here. Do not hesitate to share this support, like it or leave a comment.
Interview of Mr. Mario Cence
 Today, it is our pleasure to have a talk with Mr. Mario Cence, from EKOSCAN who will attend the Cofrend Conference as well.
Dear Mr. Cence, EKOSCAN is a French NDT equipment manufacturer. What sets you apart from other players in the field?
We are a French manufacturer, and we are very responsive in terms of deadlines, diversity of applications and/or specific requests. EKOSCAN is made up of engineers and technicians with substantial experience in single-element and Phased-Array Ultrasonic NDT. Read more...
NDT Apps
  Ever wonder how to improve your knowledge on NDT off-site? Because today, work and private life are often connected, we found this really good article from our colleagues at NDT Knowledge Base and were really proud to notice that they mentioned our NDT App in the list. For those who don't know it already, e-NDT lets you play with different applications and can be downloaded for free on Android or Apple devices. If you look for additional functionalities, have a look at the list they made!
Conferences in May
  Wondering where to meet EXTENDE team members? Wishing to ask question about your simulation, our new products or the improvements of CIVA simulation software? This month, you will be able to meet us at the COTEQ Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from the 15th to the 18th of May or in the COFREND Days in Strasbourg, France, from the 30th of May to the 2nd of June. Have a look at the papers that will be presented there, and do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or book a shift via our doodles to have a meeting with our engineers. It is an excellent opportunity to look up at your cases. We look forward to meet you there.

Improve the reconstructed view

  You want to import 3D CAD in CIVA in order to simulate the inspection of a specimen with a complex geometry?
It is possible in CIVA! However, when inspecting a part of the mock-up that is not 3D, it is easier to use 2D CAD. The calculation time is reduced and more calculation options are available, in particular those regarding geometry echoes. To simplify the transition from an existing 3D CAD to a 2D CAD, it is not necessary to draw the specimen in the CAD editor of CIVA. Read more...
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