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CIVA 2017: A new version is on the way!
  Again this year, a new version of CIVA will be released, offering new capabilities of both simulation and UT analysis. To highlight just a few of them, CIVA 2017 will introduce a library of industrial UT transducers, a strong evolution of simulation and analysis features with the TFM technique (Total Focusing Method), the addition of the Pulsed Eddy Current technique in ET simulations, new reconstruction algorithms in computed tomography, and finally, enhanced performance for parametric and POD studies, thanks to the implementation of a metamodel approach. The release is planned for this Fall; more information will be given in our next Newsletter.
Following the COFREND days
  Organized in Strasbourg this year, the Cofrend days organized by the French association of NDT celebrated its 50 years of existence. It was really nice for us to meet with all of you that attended it. For those who wonder which publications were presented at this event, find it on our website (articles and presentations are available).
Feedback from the railway inspection webinar
  Do you perform railway inspections? If yes, you may be interested by the video below relating the free webinar that introduces some benefits induced when using simulation for the Railway sector. This presentation shows a few application cases, and a CIVA demonstration for rail track, then wheelset inspections simulations.
Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to receive the presentation support, an application case or to organize a dedicated demonstration about this topic.
Interview of Mr. Bartholo from the COTEQ conference
  As you know, EXTENDE attends numerous conferences all around the world! Here is a small overview of one such event, including a few words from Mr. Pablo Bartholo, one of the many CIVA users we had the chance to meet there. The video including the interview is available on our YouTube channel. The COTEQ conference, organized by the Abendi, focuses on NDT and takes place every two years in Brazil.
Global Compact award
 We are proud to announce that EXTENDE received an award from the Global Compact this year for its Communication On Progress (COP), an annual publication that reflects our concern about the general welfare whether internal or external to our company. All our team thanks the council members for this prize and hopes to continue along this path by investing all our efforts to preserve such important values. Read more...
CIVA Tip: Modes list definition in UT beam computation

Modes list definition

  Since the version 2016 of CIVA, it is possible to perform an ultrasonic field computation taking into account several reflections on the boundaries of the specimen. Indeed, the user can define the number of reflections taken into account by CIVA in the computation. This setting can be accessed from the "Simulation settings" panel under the "Options" tab. By default, only the direct mode will be computed by CIVA. This corresponds to the direct path of the ultrasonic beam. Read more...
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