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CIVA 2017 is full of new features
  The CIVA 2017 version has now reached the final stages of development and testing before its release. We plan to deliver it to customers under maintenance in November. It comes with numerous new capabilities including: revolutionized Parametric and POD studies thanks to metamodels, a new UT probe library, enhanced TFM tools, new powerful UT analysis tools, Pulsed Eddy Current, SART reconstruction in CT and much more. (...) Read more and find a description in more detail on our blog.
Interview of Mr. Patrick Pichard
  It is with great pleasure that we share with you today the words of Mr. Patrick Pichard, CEO of M2M.
After 30 years in NDT, what have you taken from your experience in this field?
I started NDT in 1976. It was about 40 years ago. What I’ve taken from this experience is obviously that it is a fascinating job, regardless of the method, but more particularly the ultrasonic method. I learned a lot, and I often say that when you "taste" NDT, they become part of you, like Obelix and his magic potion! (...) Read more.
Following the Kint symposium and workshop
 EXTENDE participated to the KINT conference in Hogeschool Utrecht last June. The main topic was “Modelling and Simulation, a vision of the future of Non-destructive Testing”. During 2 days mixing presentations and workshops, we had an great overview of the future of NDT, new methodologies, new tools, and how virtual reality would help to perform NDT in near future. A key point was how digital technology will make teaching and learning NDT fun and efficient. EXTENDE presented (...) Read more.
ET Validation
  The validation of CIVA code consists in evaluating the reliability/accuracy of its predictions by comparing these predictions to reference results. These validation works are funded by EXTENDE. The results have been obtained with the collaboration of the CEA LIST. The experimental measurements have been performed at the CEA facilities. EXTENDE just published some about the ET module and will continue its effort every year to extend the validation cases and share these results with the CIVA Users community on our website.
Next training sessions
 Four trainings are plans for the end of the year. Two in Massy, (France), one in Grenoble (France) and one in Balton Spa (USA). Find the date on our online schedule and send us an e-mail at contact[a]extende.com to register before seats become full! We look forward to seing you.
CIVA Tip: Define your detector and reload it

Define your detector

  If you often simulate the same detectors or sources, you have the possibility to save them and reload them in others CIVA configurations. This can allow you to build your own library of sources and detectors, and to avoid making some mistakes when entering input data in CIVA. This is not a new feature in CIVA, but it remains very helpful! (...) Read more.
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