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Launch of CIVA in Russian
 EXTENDE pursues the CIVA translation process. This month, we are launching CIVA 2017 in Russian! Our thanks go to Locus, our Local distributor and to the efforts of the development team at CEA. As announced previously, more translations should follow in the future to better meet the needs of the CIVA worldwide market.
Webinar Aeronautics
  In the Aeronautic industry, low quality inspections can result in a catastrophic accident. NDT inspections in this sector remain crucial. CIVA simulation software can help you assess your diagnosis. EXTENDE will organize two free webinars, based on relevant cases for your industry. The goal is to show you the capabilities of CIVA applied to the Aeronautic sector.
Book your online seat now for one of the webinars organized in May:
  • May the 22nd at 4:00 p.m. (UTC+1)
  • May the 25th at 9:00 a.m. (UTC+1)
    Interview of Aroldo Claus
      Mr. Aroldo Claus, NDT data analyst level 3 at Nucleoeléctrica in Argentina, agreed to answer some of our questions. We thank him very much for this interview about his applications with CIVA.
    Dear Mr. Claus, what is your day to day job today?
    Taking into account the fact that the main job of our department is to perform in service inspections (ISI) of the nuclear power plants ATUCHA 1 and 2 (PHWR) and Embalse (CANDU), working for the Gerencia de Servicios para Centrales (GSPC, Service Management for Power Plants) of Nucleoélectrica Argentina SA (NA-SA); the day to day in my job as ultrasonics data analyst can be summed up as follows: [...] Read more.
    New paper published on CIVA
     Michele CARBONI and Andrea GIANNEO from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) presented at the 7th European-American Workshop on Reliability of NDE results from their work on the NDE of welded rails. Comparison between experimental results and CIVA simulation are presented. Read or download the paper entitled "A reliability study of phased-array ultrasonic inspections applied to aluminothermic welds in rails" here.
    TWI uses CIVA and Gekko to build UT Techniques
      Dr. Channa Nageswaran, PAUT L3 and R&D Team Manager in the Non -Destructive Testing Integrity Management Group of TWI performed a webinar (available online on the TWI YouTube Channel). Among others, some of the statements of this presentation mention that: [...] Read more.
    RT Validation
     The validation of CIVA code consists in evaluating the reliability and/or accuracy of its predictions by comparing these predictions to experimental results. These validation works are funded by EXTENDE. The results have been obtained with the collaboration of the CEA LIST at the CEA facilities. After publishing UT and ET validation experiments, we have published on our website an experimental characterization study that consists of verifying the results obtained with CIVA RT for step wedges made of Dural and ferritic steel using X-ray tubes, with two types of detectors: flat panels and image plates. [...] Read more.
    CIVA Tip: Probes library

    Probes library

      Since CIVA 2017, a probes library is available in CIVA. This library contains a number of commercially available probes and is already included in CIVA. Thus, the user saves time in the preparation of his/her configurations.
    This library is available in the « Probe » panel, in the « Library » tab on top left of the panel, clicking on « Import from manufacturer library » : [...] Read more.
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