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Release of the Patch SP2
 We are happy to inform you that the patch SP2 is now released. This patch includes some bug fixes mainly in the UT module. Find under this link the main ones reported by some users. This patch also includes some improvements such as the visualization in the 3D view of the global contour when merging two indications from the indication table, information on the equivalent ellipsoid for a given indication (by providing the orientation and size) or the possibility to open Gekko files up to version 2.2.5.
New premises in Bordeaux
 EXTENDE now has a new office located at:
11 Avenue de Canteranne,
Bâtiment GIENAH,
33600 PESSAC.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in the area and would like to come for a demonstration of our products.
Interview of Philippe DA SILVA
  In the framework of a R&D project taking place in the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine (South-West of France), we had the honor to meet with Philippe Da Silva.
Assistant Director of Competitiveness within the Industrial Performance Department of the Region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, could you briefly present the region and its challenges?
The elected representatives of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine have adopted the Regional Plan of Economic Development of Innovation and Internationalization of Companies (SRDEII). [...]
Read more.
New CINDE article available
  Here is a very interesting article from Mr. Paul Holloway, P. Eng., previously published in the CINDE journal and dealing with “Structural UT: Variables Affecting Attenuation and Review of the 2 dB per Inch Model” - To read the full article, you can visit our article library here.
Next coming conferences
Webinar on Aeronautic and Aerospace inspections
  Looking for tools to improve NDT aeronautic and aerospace inspections? Let's meet for a free online webinar on May the 22nd or May the 25th. The session should last one hour, you can register here. We will present to you the capabilities of CIVA, and you will be able to interact via the chat and ask questions at the end of the presentation.
CIVA Tip: Detectability Criteria

Detectability Criteria

  For the RT technique, the interpretation of results depends on human eyes. The difficulty is that the interpretation can vary from one person to another depending on perception. In order to help the user and allow automatic measures (for POD calculations for example), three criteria were implemented in CIVA to evaluate the detectability of defects. Those criteria are based on comparisons of contrast to noise ratio on the images with and without flaw. [...] Read more.
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