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EXTENDE News - January 2019
Best wishes from EXTENDE

Happy New Year!

  The EXTENDE team wishes you a wonderful year 2019.

In a world ever moving forward, the safety of our future is to be ensured through innovation and sharing. It is driven by this mindset that we step into this new year, assured that we will keep doing our best to help you preserve our world with always improving NDE expertise. Happy 2019!
Improve composite UT inspection through simulation

CIVA for composite UT

  UT Inspection of Fiber composite parts can be quite challenging: complex geometries, anisotropy, attenuation, multilayers, etc. To help you improve inspection techniques performances and reliability, simulation can be of great help. Discover the features of CIVA for composite UT inspection modelling in this short video!
CIVA for Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel

EPRI report

  EPRI recenlty published a report pertaining to ultrasonic modeling and simulation of cast austenitic stainless steel:

"This research proposes an experiment-based strategy to set up ultrasonic models and simulations aiming at accurately simulating ultrasonic testing in a coarse grain material such as cast austenitic stainless steel (CASS). The software used for this study was the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission’s (CEA’s) CIVA. A simulated parametric study of coarse grain settings was conducted by performing a best match with experimental data. [...]" Read more
The EXTENDE team is growing, twice!

Jerome DudousRafael Iglesia

  Jérôme Dudous has joined us in Massy. With an engineering degree at Polytech Paris Sud, he will be a great asset to the CIVA Support and Consulting team.

Rafael Iglesia has joined us in Pessac. His skills as an NDT technician from the NDT University of Bordeaux will reinforce an already strong project team, most notably in performing automated ultrasonic acquisitions.
Conferences in 2019


  2019 will be packed with opportunities to meet up, as we already have plans to attend a dozen conferences worldwide throughout the year! If you want an opportunity to see a live demonstration of CIVA software, or anything else EXTENDE has to offer, or if you just want to discuss with members of our team in person, we will be waiting for you at these events.

Have a look at the current list of events we are sure to be at! We will keep it updated with any new conference that may still show up in our planning at a later date.
Training sessions in 2019

Training Courses

  You are interested in building a CIVA simulation configuration autonomously? Obtaining sufficient knowledge of the calculation models to have a clear idea of the capabilities and limits of CIVA? Or simply updating yourself on the latest version of our simulation and analysis tool? Then check out when to join our CIVA training courses!

And if you want to improve your knowledge on POD, qualifications, or performance demonstration, then our new Reliability in NDE training course has been made for you!

Have a look at the training courses catalog for 2019 here!
CIVA SP3 Patch

CIVA 2017 SP3

  The SP3 patch for CIVA is now available! Here are some of the improvements that are included in the UT Analysis part:
  • Automatic and easy depth measurements on ROI
  • Customized Analysis ToolBox/Banner
  • Some keyboard shortcuts are now configurable
  • Mirrors for reconstructed views after skips
  • The Plug-In to import acquisition data with other formats is now open to FMC data
Patch SP3 also includes some corrections of issues relative to the simulation modules of CIVA (UT, ET, RT and GWT).
Interview of Mukesh Arora

Mukesh Arora

  Mr. Mukesh Arora, Director and CEO of Arora Technologies (P) Limited, kindly shared with us his opinion on CIVA software and the future of NDT in India.

You recently created Arora Technologies Limited Company. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?
Arora Technologies (P) Limited (ATPL) is a sister concern of NDTS India (P) Limited (NDTS) which was offering comprehensive solutions, NDT services, trainings and certifications, and manufacturing of NDT accessories since 2006. [...] Read more
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