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Non Destructive Testing
Simulation and Methodology

EXTENDE News - May 2020
TraiNDE UT 1.1 is now available


  Our virtual mock-up for the training of NDE inspectors keeps evolving! With the release of this new version, TraiNDE UT v1.1 improves the user experience, especially in the management of the tactile interactivity on the virtual mock-up screen. Take a look at our video or visit our blog for more information.
TraiNDE UT is being used for UT2 training


  The first UT2 training using TraiNDE UT has been performed by Bernard TREHOREL!

A trainee from SCIMEX by STAM Accès difficiles et Travaux spéciaux (Difficult Access and Special work) practised UT inspection with TraiNDE UT for one week, before switching to an actual UT device and test samples.

After the training, Bernard TREHOREL's words were clear: "Intuitive to use and very positive feedback from the trainee".

TraiNDE UT has been designed to help visualize and understand the physics behind UT inspections, and we cannot wait to see it enhance the learning experience of a new generation of inspectors!
CIVA 2020 SP1 is now available

CIVA 2020

  The Service Pack 1 of CIVA 2020 includes improvements and fixes some issues of CIVA 2020. A total of 50 issues and improvements, mainly in the UT module, have been included in this SP1. Some points worth mentioning are:
  • A model improvement when the CIVA configuration involves anisotropic heterogeneous media
  • Correction of an issue relative to the sound path with the TCG feature
  • Model improvements to simulate ellipsoidal defects
  • New features in CIVA Analysis enabling compatibility for custom analysis plug-ins developed for some users
  • Update for compatibility of CIVA Analysis with Gekko until release 3.1.2 (not yet for PWI-FMC files for the latest version)
For users having a valid license and maintenance contract for CIVA 2020, we will send you the download link for SP1 through a dedicated emailing in the next few days.
If you have any question about this update, you can contact our technical team at supportciva[at]
Reliability in NDE training

Training on reliability in NDE

  Following the first two sessions of our new training course on reliability in NDE in 2019, two new sessions are planned this year:
  • From 23rd to 25th June 2020 (in French French)
  • From 20th to 22nd October 2020 (in English EnglishEnglish)
Want to know more about methodologies and tools dealing with NDE reliability studies (sensitivity analysis, POD, technical justifications, performance demonstrations, etc.)? Contact us to register!
New premises for EXTENDE Grenoble


  EXTENDE's Grenoble office have moved, and can now be reached at the following address:

EXTENDE Grenoble - 3 Rue d'Alembert
38 000 Grenoble - France

Do not hesitate to update your data on this, and if it has not yet been done, on the address of our headquarters:

EXTENDE S.A. - 14 Avenue Carnot
91 300 Massy - France


  In our drive to bring you the best support possible, we would like to remind CIVA users under maintenance that answers to the most common questions may be found in the FAQ section of our support platform.
From the "Search solution" menu, the contents of the FAQ can be sorted by modules and keywords. You can, for example, find why delay laws are restricted in some cases, how to perform a parametric variation, or what the recommended computer configuration is.
CIVA Tip: Mode identification in CIVA GWT


  A mode identification tool is now available in CIVA GWT. It can break down an A-Scan versus its different modal contributions which are at the source of the echoe(s). To do this, you have to go in the "Toolbox" (tab "View Options") and untick the display of All modes with the same color. Then, assign a different color, and display the modes that contribute to the echo. [...] Read more
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