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EXTENDE News - March 2021
Free webinars on TraiNDE RT


  EXTENDE released last January the second product of its TraiNDE line: TraiNDE RT.

TraiNDE RT is an innovative simulator allowing you to train on radiography controls (X and Gamma) in a new light through virtual reality. TraiNDE RT is delivered with a set of exercises representative of RT training sessions, allowing for a significant increase in the number of shots per trainee, while avoiding the risks of irradiation, and offering new educational features.

If you want to know and see more about this innovative simulator, register now to join us on our free webinars:
  • 06th April at 9 a.m. CET
  • or 08th April at 5 p.m. CET (11 a.m. EST)
CIVA Analysis can now load TFM data from TPAC


  After becoming compatible with PRELUDE from TPAC format last year, CIVA Analysis can now read TFM images obtained with ARIA or TOKATA software from The Phased Array Company.

This new plugin is available for free to all CIVA UT and CIVA UT Analysis users in the upcoming CIVA 2020 SP4!

More information in our blog article.
Use CIVA and metamodels to evaluate or optimize inspection

Training Courses

  Assessing the performance of an inspection requires studying many influential parameters. It is difficult to precisely assess them with experimental trials, as all these parameter combinations would represent thousands of situations.

Metamodels are a great tool to tackle this challenge, and are easy to use in CIVA!

Have a look at our related video and blog article!
Thank you for your participation in our recent survey

Satisfaction survey

  We would like to thank our CIVA users for their participation in our recent survey on CIVA software and EXTENDE support service.

Your feedback is good, with a mean mark of 8.4/10 for your overall perception (it was 8.0 in our past survey in 2017). You will find more information in our blog articles.
Of course, there is some space for progress both for our service and for the CIVA tools! Your rich and interesting feedback will participate in driving the CIVA roadmap for the future.

We will come back to some of you in the upcoming weeks to address some questions and discussions in depth.
Thank you again for your participation in improving the future of CIVA!
A talk on the future of NDT training with Vivan Didier

Vivan Didier

  Today, it is our pleasure to have a talk with Mr. Vivian Didier, President of CEDI-CONVERGENCE and President of the Certification and Qualification Pole of COFREND.

After more than forty years of career in the NDT field, what do you remember from your experience in this environment?
Most importantly, I remember that, for someone driven by curiosity, this is an absolutely fascinating job, one in which I have never known boredom nor weariness. It is very complete in many ways.
I would mention, first, having all the necessary knowledge from interrelated trades. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: Automatic and fast computation of TCG calibration curves for inspection configuration with single and multi-elements probes


  It is possible with CIVA 2020 SP3 to quickly compute an automatic TCG calibration procedure before the simulation of the studied inspection configuration. From the "Simulation settings > Calibration" panel, CIVA users can select the "Computed TCG (from SDH echoes)" calibration type, and define the relevant TCG calibration procedure to compute considering the calibration block (material, thickness) and defects (list of side-drilled holes with given diameter and depths). [...] Read more
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