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EXTENDE News - May 2021
Upcoming new module in CIVA: Infrared Thermographic Testing



  In the coming months, CIVA 2021 will be released with a lot of improvements and new features. This version will also mark the introduction of a new additional module: CIVA Thermography. CIVA TT enables the simulation of NDT by Active Infrared Thermography.

With CIVA TT, you will be able to perform inspection simulations with Optical Excitation (i.e. lamp sources), assessing the impact of many parameters, such as:
  • Inspection parameters: reflection or transmission configurations, heating time, lamp excitation
  • Different types of flaws and materials (both for specimens and for flaws)
  • Variations in environmental conditions
  • And more!
CIVA TT also includes a module to compute the power density induced by Eddy Current for Induction Thermography.

More information will be available soon. We cannot wait to share it with you, so make sure to stay connected to the EXTENDE news!
TraiNDE RT 1.0 is released


  The first commercial version of TraiNDE RT is now available. Embrace virtual reality to train your RT operators' practice without radioprotection constraints!

A set of 17 exercises allows for extensive practice with X-Ray and Gamma sources, 16 IQIs, markers, 3 film types, elliptical, contact and internal shooting techniques.
TraiNDE RT simulates every step of the inspection: preparation of the specimen with markers and IQI, computation of exposure time from curves and formulas, positioning of the source, setup of the shooting console, analysis of the resulting film image.

Discover TraiNDE RT now on its dedicated website and through its overview video.
Conferences in 2021


  Meeting you in person has been what we have missed the most over the last year, and in 2021, we cannot wait to chat with you and show you what we have been working on!

If you want the opportunity to see a live demonstration of CIVA software, TraiNDE UT, TraiNDE RT, or anything else EXTENDE has to offer, or if you just want to discuss with members of our team in person, we will be waiting for you at a number of events worldwide throughout 2021.

Have a look at the current list of events we are sure to be at! We will keep it updated with any new conference that will show up in our planning as more information becomes available.
Interview of Carl Arnesson

Carl Arnesson

  Today, we had the honor to exchange a few words with Mr. Carl ARNESSON, Business Development / Sales Manager at Novatic Industrial AB, and Level III in UT, MT, PT, VT, and also IWE.

You are currently working at Novatic Industrial AB. Could you tell us about Novatic and your role within the company?
Of course. Novatic is a company located in Sweden, working on the Swedish market with sales and service of NDT and Material Analysis equipment and accessories. We are currently 4 employees and have an ambition to grow with more products and personnel.
I'm working with sales and love to be out in the field helping customers to find solutions, but Iím also working with business development trying to find new products that can be of use for the Swedish industry such as TraiNDE. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: Mesh display and optimization of CIVA ET
axisymmetric models


  Axisymmetric simulation models defined in CIVA ET 2D cyl. module are solved using the finite integration technique (FIT). This numerical method requires meshing a section of the geometry. Several mesh tools are available, enabling control of the overall mesh density and making local modifications. Our latest video shows how to display and optimize the mesh, in order to obtain accurate results with fast computations.
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