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EXTENDE News - July 2021
CIVA 2021 available soon

CIVA 2020

  The next major release of CIVA is coming soon. It is targetted to be delivered to users under maintenance by early Fall.

Many new capabilities will be offered in this new version:
  • A new module, simulating Thermographic Testing
  • A new "zone coverage in sensitivity" tool in CIVA UT
  • New probes in CIVA UT ("Daisy", S-Wave 0°, extended probe library, etc.)
  • New imaging and mode analysis tools for UT-TFM applications
  • New Hybrid Finite Elements capabilities in UT (complex back wall, Side Drilled Hole and Flat Bottom Hole)
  • New "Steam Generator Tube" tool available in CIVA ET with advanced capabilities for bobbin coils inspection
  • Extended type and number of defects available in CIVA GWT simulations
  • Compatibility of CIVA UT Analysis with Olympus X3 data files
  • Embedded link with CIVA RT to Image J analysis tool
  • ... And UNDO now available!
This list is not exhaustive!

More details will come in September, but you can contact us now if you are curious about new features.
Damage monitoring with CIVA SHM


  You have probably heard about the new module available in the CIVA platform, CIVA SHM, which simulates Structural Health Monitoring by Guided Waves.

This video shows an example of the use of CIVA SHM with metamodels that enables the prediction of the flaw detectability for many potential damage sizes and locations.

More information in our blog article.
Back to live training sessions!

Training Courses

  Thanks to the positive evolution of the pandemic situation, the EXTENDE team has been able to provide "live" InterCompany training sessions in June (duly respecting the sanitary procedures) on CIVA and "Reliability in NDE".
And in July, EXTENDE will once again cross the French borders to provide a dedicated CIVA training within the facilities of a customer, for the first time in a year and a half!

Hoping that the situation will keep improving, join us in Massy for our next sessions:
  • September 20th to 24th: CIVA training
  • November 22nd to 26th: CIVA training
  • October 19th to 21st: Reliability in NDE training
Interview of Jose Brizuela Sanchez

Jose Brizuela Sanchez

  We had the honor to interview Mr. Jose Brizuela Sanchez, researcher at the CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas de Argentina - National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina) working at the CNEA (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica - National Atomic Energy Commission) facility, and CTO at Besna Company.

You are a researcher at the CONICET working at the CNEA facility. Can you explain to us what your activities there consist in?
As a researcher of CONICET, I have become involved in technology issues through agreements and consulting aimed at resolving problems of great interest in different industrial sectors, always attending drawbacks that normally occur when commercial systems do not offer an appropriate solution. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: "Adjacent configurations" option for POD computations


  A POD curve describes the probability for a NDT system to detect a flaw with respect to its size and accounting for variable (i.e. "uncertain") influential parameters. POD curves can be computed through simulation with CIVA software thanks to dedicated tools that have been available for more than 10 years now.

A POD curve is usually associated with one acquisition channel. But sometimes, it can also be relevant to plot POD curves considering inspection data coming from several channels, if these sensors are associated to detect the same range of defects in the specimen inspection. [...] Read more
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