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EXTENDE News - October 2021
CIVA 2021 is now available!

CIVA 2021

  CIVA 2021 was released a few weeks ago and has already been delivered to users under maintenance.

The new CIVA 2021 version features:
  • A new Thermographic Testing module
  • A dedicated tool for Steam Generator Tube Eddy Current inspection modelling
  • A new "Sensitivity Coverage" UT environment to provide ultrasonic coverage and sensitivity maps
  • Advanced features for PAUT TFM
  • New probes in CIVA UT (Daisy, Shear Waves 0°, etc.)
  • A bridge to an advanced analysis software in CIVA RT
  • More flaws and discontinuities available in CIVA GWT
  • A new organisation of the parametric studies and metamodels for more efficient design of experiments
  • And last but not least, the much expected UNDO function!
More details are provided in our blog article and in the release note.
Thermographic Testing in CIVA


  After Ultrasound, Eddy Current, Radiographic testing, Computed Tomography, Guided Wave testing and SHM by Guided Waves, a 7th evaluation method joins the CIVA platform: Themographic Testing.

Specifically, this new module covers Optical Thermographic Inspection Simulation which provides thermograms versus time. This first version addresses planar multilayer metallic or composite panels. Pulsed, transient or Lock-In thermography can be simulated.
The example on the left shows the thermogram obtained when modeling transient heating with a halogen lamp for a carbon-expoxy component (top picture) compared to a Glare-like assembly (bottom picture).

Use modelling to predict detectability, study influential parameters and optimize inspection techniques!

In this module, you will also find another tool, "Induction Heating computation", that provides power density maps induced by an inductor.

More information available on our dedicated web page.
EXTENDE is on the road again!

European NDT & CM Conference

  It finally became possible to meet each other at live conferences again!

At the beginning of October, EXTENDE attended the European NDT & CM days 2021 in the beautiful city of Prague. It was an opportunity to show the latest CIVA 2021 version, as well as TraiNDE RT, which we had not previously had the opportunity to present live! TraiNDE UT was also at our booth, and we showed the compatibility between TraiNDE UT "Device Connected" and real UT Flaw detectors to the providers that were exhibiting at the event alongside us.

You can check out more pictures on our website!

Next event for us: the ASNT Fall Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on November 15th to 18th.
Publication on CIVA SHM


  At the NDT & CM days in Prague, EXTENDE had the opportunity to present an application paper, co-written with the CEA, with the recent CIVA SHM module.

CIVA SHM provides the SHM community with a dedicated tool offering optimized computation times compatible with intensive usage in an industrial context. After presenting some experimental validation cases, several application examples highlighting the benefits of simulation and reconstruction imaging with CIVA SHM in the context of a damage monitoring in a composite plate have been illustrated.

This presentation is available on our website.
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