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EXTENDE News - March 2022
TraiNDE UT v1.3 is now available


  A new release of the first virtual mock-up for NDE inspectors is now available and is being delivered to our current users.

This new version mainly adds the capacity to generate your own exercises and/or modify the defects available on existing ones, and then enrich on demand the number of testing and training situations.

More details are provided in the release note and in the application case "Always a new exercise to train on"!
Training sessions in 2022

Training Courses

  Our intercompany training sessions for 2022 are scheduled on the following dates:

CIVA – Introduction and Applications
UT and one additional module, in Massy, France:
  • June 13th to 17th
  • September 26th to 30th
  • November 21st to 25th
In the U.S.A.:
  • April 25th to 29th (UT and ET modules)
  • October 10th to 14th (UT and Analysis modules)
Reliability in NDE, in Massy, France:
  • June 28th to 30th (in English EnglishEnglish)
  • October 18th to 20th (in French French)
Feel free to contact us if you wish to register for one of these sessions.


  France Pour les entreprises basées en France, EXTENDE est désormais référencé selon le référentiel QUALIOPI.
Cela implique que chaque financeur / OPCA peut nous inscrire dans son catalogue de référence, selon ses propres modalités, afin de vous faire bénéficier d'un financement pour nos formations.
Conferences in 2022


  If you want an opportunity to see a live demonstration of CIVA software, TraiNDE UT, or anything else EXTENDE has to offer, or if you just want to discuss with members of our team in person, we will be waiting for you at a number of events worldwide throughout 2022.

Have a look at the current list of events we are sure to be at! We will keep it updated with any new conference that will show up in our planning as more information becomes available.
Computed Tomography of a turbine blade

Turbine Blade

  CIVA CT enables the modelling of the acquisition and the 3D reconstruction process of complex parts.

Our blog article shows an example of a turbine blade CT simulation and reconstruction performed with CIVA 2021, which includes a couple of new features that enhances the modelling and analysis process.
ADVISE Training School on Non-Destructive Evaluation


  The ADVISE Consortium would like to thank you for your interest in the webinar held on 15th February 2022. Over 128 participants, from 18 countries took part in this online event!

As promised, the recordings of the webinar together with the Event Booklet are now available on the ADVISE project website: ADVISE | Media Center (advise-h2020.eu).

Please consult them and share the links with colleagues unable to attend. Enjoy!
Interview of Jonathan Peixoto

Jonathan Peixoto

  Today, we had the pleasure to discuss the use of TraiNDE UT with Jonathan Peixoto, NDE Technician at EDF with four COFREND certifications in the CIFM sector (PT2 / UT2 / TOFD / VT2).

As an NDE expert, you are currently working for EDF at the Industrial Direction (DI). Could you tell us briefly what your daily work consists in?
I work in the CEDEN, which is an NDE Trials and Development Cell within EDF-DI (Industrial Direction). On a daily basis, our work involves integrating new techniques in our testing procedures, going from providing support to NDE project managers to training operators, as well as realizing tests and technology intelligence with our suppliers. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: Undo


  Did you just make a mistake, or do you simply want to go back? Use the "CTRL + Z" keyboard shortcut to undo the changes you wish to revert.

By default, CIVA saves the last four undoable actions (except tabs or elements specific to parametric studies and POD). You can modify the number of allowed "undo" from the CIVA preferences. Read more
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