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EXTENDE News - July 2022
Unlimited practice with TraiNDE RT


  TraiNDE RT is not just a serious game but bring real added value for the training of RT practitioners.

Free of radioprotection issues, you do not fear to make mistakes. Without having to wait a long time for the film to be developed, you can see your results immediately, and understand your mistakes thanks to an "error report".
You can then easily and quickly try again, until you are successful and confident!

Check out our latest video on how you can get unlimited practice with TraiNDE RT!
CIVA validation updates

CIVA UT validation

  While CIVA validation tests are constantly being performed, a specific effort had been done by the CEA and EXTENDE teams in comparing a lot of simulation results obtained by CIVA UT with experimental data.
These validation works are published on our website.

Because CIVA models evolve, some CIVA results can be improved, and therefore, some of these validation tests have been recently updated.
You can get more information about these updates in our blog article.
EXTENDE is expanding in the New Aquitaine region

EXTENDE in Pessac

  Our team working in Pessac, near Bordeaux, France, has moved and settled in new premises offering a much larger capacity in terms of people but also of technical means.

Do not hesitate to visit us if you are nearby, we will be delighted to welcome you to discuss your needs and try to find solutions with you!
Reliability in NDE training

Reliability in NDE training course

  A "Reliability in NDE" course has recently been taught in our office with trainees from different companies. Many interesting discussions and exercises transpired around qualification, POD and sensitivity analysis methodologies in NDE. The great potential of simulation tools is emphasized by generating relevant and massive data sets, as they are necessary in this context.

The next session (in French) is planned from October 18th to 20th 2022. The next dates for a session in English will be communicated soon!
Interview of Ed Ginzel

Ed Ginzel

  Today, we have the unparalleled honor of interviewing Ed Ginzel, whose career has brought to work for many a presigious NDT organization, and who still brings his expertise and passion to the NDE community in his retirement years!

Such a long and rich experience in NDE for you! It might not be possible in a single interview, but could you give us an overview of your past experiences in the NDE community?
Indeed, it now seems like a long career. It started in 1974 when I was looking for work after completing my degree at the University of Waterloo. One of the courses in my last year of study was radiochemistry (isotopes). Radiography sounded an interesting application of radioisotopes, so I found a job in a local NDT company and started as a radiographer's helper. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: Superimposition of time signal curves in CIVA TT


  To compare time signal curves at several positions of the same thermogram obtained from a simulation in the Thermal Testing module of CIVA, you have to use the "Cursor connection/Disconnection" button. Read more
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