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EXTENDE News - September 2022
Upcoming CIVA version


  The next version of CIVA is coming soon: NDE and SHM simulation keeps improving and expanding!

A new DATA Science module marks the beginnings of CIVA in the world of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning tools will be provided to manage simulated training data sets to develop automated defects' classification and detection techniques.

A new module dedicated to Automated UT Inspection Simulation of pipe girth weld will be also proposed.

Local distrituted calculation will be available to reduce computation times on high powered multi-cores machine.

Let's also mention significant improvements in the SHM module: new geometries available, such as composite tubes or elbows, new defect types, new reconstruction algorithm, accounting for attenuation, etc.
Of course, all other CIVA modules will also have their share of new features: management of delay laws import and new parametric weld for UT, more complex specimen and sensor geometries for ET, better management of IQIs for RT, heterogeneous components for GWT, and phase thermograms for TT.

This is just a "short list". More details and the complete list will be provided later during fall, we will keep you informed!
Technical Day on TraiNDE UT and TraiNDE RT

TraiNDE Technical Day

  EXTENDE, worldwide leader in NDT simulation, is pleased to invite you to a technical day in Massy, France, focused on discovering TraiNDE UT and TraiNDE RT, the UT and RT training simulators. This presentation, intended primarily for French French-speaking attendees, will be taking place:

November 9th, 2022
From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hôtel Mercure Massy Gare TGV
21 Avenue Carnot
91300 Massy, France

In order for us to be able to welcome you under the best possible conditions, please fill in this short form to confirm your participation to the event.
CIVA Analysis - ATFM UT - TFM Profiler


  Do you know about TFM Profiler? A recent feature available in CIVA Analysis, TFM Profiler will let you reconstruct your specimen geometries and generate CAD profiles in one click from ATFM acquisition data.

Find out more in this short video!
Interview of Mariana Burrowes Guimarães

Mariana Burrowes Guimaraes

  Today, we have the sincere pleasure of interviewing Mariana Burrowes Guimarães, researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

You are a researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Can you explain what the main activities of your lab are, especially in NDT?

In 2009, our lab, LNDC (Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing Corrosion and Welding), was built from a partnership between Petrobras, a Brazilian oil & gas company, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, aiming to deal with the challenge of producing oil & gas from the pre-salt area. Some of these challenges are the depth of the oil reservoir, nearly 7.000 meters below sea level, and the presence of H2S and CO2 in the oil. [...]
Read more
CIVA Tip: Optimize memory settings for CIVA


  To run simulations, CIVA dynamically allocates the memory available for the CIVA process. Sometimes, memory requirements exceed the default maximum RAM capacity. This could be the case for the heaviest models that can be run in CIVA [...] Read more
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