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EXTENDE News - January 2023


Best wishes
The EXTENDE team wishes you a great year 2023.

Despite a rough start of the decade, the last few years allowed us to bring you striking innovations, with the release of TraiNDE RT, our virtual environment for the training of RT technicians, as well as a thermographic testing simulation module joining the CIVA platform.

This year, let's start with a bang for NDT, as we release a brand new CIVA version, a new module for data science, and another one for pipe inspection!

Thank you for your confidence in our products, software and services. We will continue on that path in 2023, and keep bringing the benefits of simulation, innovative tools and NDE development and analysis methodology to the NDE community for more efficient NDE and a safer world.

CIVA 2023 is now available!


  CIVA 2023 is just being released! The delivery of this major update to our users with a valid maintenance contract will start next week.

The new CIVA 2023 version features:
  • A new AUT-Pipeline module dedicated to Girth Weld Automated UT
  • A new DATA Sciences module: the first steps of CIVA for Artificial Intelligence applied to NDE!
  • Significant enhancements of the capacities of CIVA SHM module
  • A new SuperBatch manager
  • And a lot of new features for other modules, such as TFM Phase Coherence techniques in CIVA UT, and 2D CAD import available for CIVA ET Inspection Simulation
More details are provided in our blog article and in the release note.
Training sessions in 2023

Training Courses

  Our intercompany training sessions for 2023 are scheduled on the following dates:

CIVA – Introduction and Applications
In Massy, France (UT and one additional module):
  • March 13th to 17th
  • June 19th to 23rd
  • September 25th to 29th
  • November 20th to 24th
In the U.S.A.:
  • April 24th to 28th (UT, RT and CT modules)
  • October 16th to 20th (UT and ET modules)
Reliability in NDE, in Massy, France:
  • April 04th to 06th (in English EnglishEnglish)
  • October 10th to 12th (in French French)
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in registering for one of these sessions.
Thank you for attending the TraiNDE Technical Day

TraiNDE Technical Day

  We would like to thank everyone who attended the "Journée TraiNDE" technical presentation of our innovative tools for the training of NDT inspectors.

During this event, held November 9th in Massy, France, the EXTENDE team had the honor to present the latest improvements of TraiNDE UT and TraiNDE RT.
Visitors had the opportunity to scan virtual welds, and to handle X-Ray tubes and Gama sources in virtual reality!

Discover these tools too on the TraiNDE website.


  EXTENDE is very happy to participate in the 16th APCNDT conference in Melbourne, Australia, from February 28th to March 03rd, 2023.

If you want an opportunity to see a live demonstration of CIVA software, the TraiNDE simulators, or anything else EXTENDE has to offer, or if you just want to discuss with members of our team in person, we will be waiting for you at booth number 05.
Interview of Peter Juarez

Mariana Burrowes Guimaraes

  Today, we have the honor of sharing with you a few words from Peter Juarez, researcher at the NASA Langley Research center, about his work in NDE.

Dear Peter, you are a researcher at the NASA Langley Research center, please describe the main activities and research topics related to NDT at the center.

The branch I work at, the Nondestructive Evaluation Sciences Branch (NESB) is the only NDT research branch in the agency. We have leading experts in many fields of NDT, and our works include everything from fundamental research to solving unique NDT challenges within NASA or industry. As you can expect, nearly all of our work concerns aerospace in one form or another, but we've had experience in others such as the automotive industry. Our goal is to generate research and innovation that can enhance NASA's mission and the aerospace industry. [...]
Read more
CIVA Tip: Automation of files analysis with associated templates


  You use CIVA Analysis (or CIVA UT) regularly to analyze acquisition or simulation files, and have repetitive actions when working on a high number of similar files? There is a tool that could save you a lot of time. [...] Read more
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