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EXTENDE News - September 2023
New papers from EXTENDE and its partners


NDT in Canada

ECNDT 2023

  EXTENDE recently participated in three major events for the NDT community : the COFREND Days 2023, NDT in Canada 2023 and ECNDT 2023.

We were very happy to share with you our latest news and products, and these conferences also were an opportunity for EXTENDE and its partners to issue many technical papers and presentations dealing with NDE applications involving simulations with the CIVA software and TraiNDE.

Some of the topics are mentioned below:
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) damage
  • Probability of Detection (POD) :
    • Using simulation and Metamodels for reliability studies
    • POD approach by simulation of an industrial ultrasonic application
  • Cosimulation between NDE and Probabilistic Tolerance Damage (PTD) modelling tools
  • AI based and model assisted diagnostic for ultrasonic TFM weld inspection
  • Performance Demonstration of AUT pipeline girth weld inspections using CIVA AUT Pipeline
  • The benefits of NDT Training Simulators
All these papers are available online thanks to NDT.net, as well as on our dedicated webpage.

The CEA and EXTENDE thank their industry partners for the collaborations around these publications.
Total Focusing Method (TFM) for flaw sizing?


  Check out this interesting paper from Mariana Burrowes Guimaraes from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Ed Ginzel (Materials Research Institute) where a data set of different Full Matrix Capture (FMC) acquisition scenarios, generated by simulations with CIVA, has been analyzed by different participants of a Round Robin programme all over the world to estimate flaw size and ligament using TFM reconstruction techniques.

Results tend to show that the "true" values from the TFM sizing would provide more accurate ones than many of the flaw manufacturers estimates or other NDE techniques.

Simulation is a key contributor to the performance evaluation in sizing of this technique.

The paper is available on NDT.NET, you can download it here.
The CINDE welcomes Erica Schumacher

Erica Schumacher

  EXTENDE is proud to have EXTENDE Inc. Vice President Erica Schumacher chosen to be the first non-Canadian member of the Canadian Institute for Non-Destructive Evaluation (CINDE) board of directors.

She looks forward to supporting the Canadian NDT community as they get ready to host the 2025 PANNDT conference in Niagara Falls!

Read more in the CINDE journal.
Interview of Philippe Rioux

Philippe Rioux

  Today, Philippe Rioux from SONATEST shares a few words with us regarding the use of CIVA, and the new compatibiliy between SONATEST files and CIVA Analysis.

What is your role at SONATEST? Can you explain to us what your activities consist in?

We serve advanced technical support to both pre-sales and post-sales activities. We offer feasibility studies and addressing customer challenges. Moreover, we specialize in generating engaging content for conferences and online platforms.

Our secondary role involves active participation in the development of new products. [...] Read more
CIVA Tip: UT Pre-processing in parametric study


  The "Computation options" tab of the "Variation" panel in the model of a parametric study includes a list of pre-processing options. The most common are:
  • Force compute the delay law
  • Force compute TCG (calibration) [...] Read more
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