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CIVA News > Mai 2014

A new release is now available: CIVA 11 Guided Waves Testing !
  The previous release was able to compute the echoes only from a notch perpendicular to the waveguide. It is now possible to consider geometrical discontinuities, as long as the profile is invariant along the specimen. Parametric geometries may be considered, such as welds, grooves and junction, but arbitrary shape may also be drawn.
In addition to the computation of field and dispersion curves in plates and pipes, 2D CAD can be modeled: for example CIVA can compute dispersion curves in rails. Read more on CIVA 11 GWT Release note!
Interview: Mr. Jean-Pierre Gustin

Mr. Jean-Pierre Gustin

  In the frame of the coming Cofrend days, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Jean-Pierre Gustin. As the president of the COFREND, he is able to follow the evolution of NDT in France. He kindly accepted to give us his insight on the matter:

What are, in your opinion, the challenges that NDT professionals will have to face within the next years (at both local and international levels)?
  • The adaptation of the workforce to the increasingly quick evolution of technologies and methods (regulations, standards, etc.)
  • Read more.
  As we previously informed you, EXTENDE will attend the ECNDT conference in Prague, next October.
The final SIMPOSIUM meeting will also take place during this event.
The purpose of the SIMPOSIUM project is the integration in a unique platform of interoperable Non Destructive Evaluation simulation tools, to make possible virtual testing of parts at the early stages of manufacturing and design. A SIMPOSIUM dedicated session will be scheduled to give a general feedback of all the efforts and work done by the partners. This encounter will also be the occasion to make demonstrations of some simulation tools resulting from this R&D project. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the SIMPOSIUM website.
EXTENDE carries its ISO process further with a Charter of Ethics
  In the frame of the corporate social responsibility process that EXTENDE has launched, we take many actions to support this engagement: We got our ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications, we signed the Global Compact, and now, the most recent step is that all EXTENDE’s employees have met together, to outline our corporate values, and build a code of Ethics. If you are interested in discovering our engagement, do not hesitate to download this document, available on our website.
New CIVA support portal: HelpDesk


  As part of the support activity in CIVA software, we implemented a new tool for handling customer requests. The implementation of this new tool has been motivated by the desire to improve our support. This new tool should take the best features of our previous tools, while improving transparency in the management of tickets for our customers.
A private access to this new portal, HelpDesk, has been provided to the main CIVA users of each customer company. It is still possible to contact the CIVA support team, sending an email to supportciva[a]
CIVA tip: Inspection by the extruded side of a 2D CAD

Extruded side of a 2D CAD

  CIVA has a CAD drawing tool that allows you to build the specimen to be inspected. A color code is used to specify the nature of the drawn elements. The red color defines a surface, blue defines a side, the backwall should be drawn in green and interfaces in yellow.
By default, the profile extrusion is along the Y axis. Read more.
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