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A new product dedicated to Education
  Because some of you in the field of education (universities & NDT training centers) have specific needs, the CEA and ourselves have decided to develop a simplified version of CIVA, dedicated to training and teaching: CIVA Education.
With an adapted user interface, this new instructive tool will help you teach the “physics behind NDT” to your students and trainees efficiently and affordably. The release is planned in November, and more info will be provided to you soon.
Calculation offer from EXTENDE
  EXTENDE launches a new CIVA High Performance Computing service. With our CIVA cluster we can run massive CIVA calculations to help you in your design projects.
You will be able to access many simulation results without investing in a costly calculation platform and additional CIVA licenses.
You just need to send us your CIVA configuration files and EXTENDE will provide you with the simulated results.
Contact us for more info about this great option.
Warning about Windows 10
  Though the new Microsoft OS, Windows 10, has been available since 29 July, we recommend CIVA users stay with Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 for now.
CIVA 2015a is running well with Windows 7 and 8/8.1 but it has not been tested on Windows 10 since this Windows version was released after the patch release. There may be some compatibility problems therefore we advise our CIVA customers not to upgrade their Windows version to Windows 10 on the computer where CIVA is installed.
The next version of CIVA scheduled for early next year, CIVA 2016, will be compatible with Windows 10. Find this article on our blog
Interview: Dr. Wesley J. Keller
  Ms Erica Schumacher, Vice president of EXTENDE Inc. had the opportunity to ask Dr. Keller about his feedback on NDT and CIVA in particular. Find his interview below:

What is your role at Lehigh University?
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS)
For how long have you been using simulation (and CIVA in particular)?
We rely heavily on numerical simulation for the evaluation of conceptual designs, and for probing fundamental behavior through parametric studies that would be impractical with physical experimentation. We have used CIVA RT extensively over... Read more
NDT in amusement Parks
  Summer and school holidays are favorable periods to have fun in amusement parks. Carousels and rollercoasters are very popular and safety is the main priority for the park operators who do their utmost to avoid accidents, as these kinds of events taint the public image of the park. Hence, the operators of these parks implement significant preventative maintenance campaigns in order to avoid any risk of damage and malfunction on rides. The NDT methods frequently used are mostly visual methods, such as penetrant testing or magnetic particle inspection. However, the main obstacle to these two methods is ... Read more on our blog.
CIVA Tip: Auto mode in frequency post-processing

  As you know, CIVA UT is able to automatically define the sampling frequency of the probe signal.
But what happens with this option when the central frequency is modified during a new postprocessing?
The answer in this video!
Watch it here.
More info
Once again, two new videos have been uploaded on our YouTube Chanel.
The last CIVA training sessions are also viewable on our training catalog web page. Register fast! You will have sessions in:
  • October,
  • November
  • and December!
Finally you can have a look at our Blog, comment it, like it or just read it.
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