Available CIVA version

The current commercial version is CIVA 2017

The latest version CIVA 2017 comes with numerous new capabilities, including: revolutionized Parametric and POD studies thanks to metamodels, a new UT probes library, enhanced TFM tools, new tools for UT data analysis (lateral wave linearization, automation of most of the analysis procedure, etc.), Pulsed Eddy Current simulation, U-Yoke probe available in CIVA ET, SART reconstruction in CT and much more...


CIVA 2017 Release Note


More details on this new version in the documents below:


CIVA 2017 Software Data Sheet


CIVA Education is available

CIVA Education is a simplified version of CIVA for universities and training centers, adapted to understanding the physical phenomena involved in Non-Destructive Testing.


CIVA Education Release Note