Available CIVA version

The current commercial version is CIVA 2016

Visualize the ultrasonic zone coverage for the whole scan plan, the divergence of the field and also the angles of the different skips, simulate composites in UT taking into account structural noise, ply waviness, etc., automate your analysis procedure, simulate defects in railway tracks in GWT simulation, benefit from the enrichment of probes library in ET such as the "+Point like", the "Rototest like", etc., benefit from recent progress in RT / CT such as high energy sources library, new detectability criterion, helical tomographic scanning...


CIVA 2016 Release Note


More details on this new version in the documents below:


CIVA 2016 Software Data Sheet


CIVA Education is available

CIVA Education is a simplified version of CIVA for universities and training centers, adapted to understanding the physical phenomena involved in Non-Destructive Testing.


CIVA Education Release Note