This WidgeNDT is an interactive tool allowing to illustrate the principle of a phased-array transducer.


Launch the WidgeNDT (requires Java to run)


The transducer is represented by a set of little elements, each transmitting a spherical wave. These different spherical waves may be transmitted all at once, or at a timed interval, the timing between the transmission of these waves from one element to another being called a “delay”. Thus, the set of delays applied to each element is a “delay law” or “focus law”, and allows to change the direction and nature of the beam.

This WidgeNDT offers an animation of the spherical waves emitted by each element, taking into account the defined delay law, either by clicking on the “Play” button in the bottom left corner of the window, or by manipulating the horizontal animation pointer.

The delay law may be adjusted manually through the vertical pointers on top of each element, or automatically by using the appropriate option. In automatic mode, a delay law may be applied, which can steer the wavefront emitted by the probe, or focus this wavefront on a point, adjustable with the mouse.

The video below illustrates how this WidgeNDT works:

Feel free to play with this tool, inform people around you of its existence, and share with us your comments and critics!