NDT Freeware : WidgeNDT

The mission of Extende is to bring the benefits of simulation and NDE methodology to the NDE community. In this regard, we decided to share some knowledge with all NDT actors.

Under this section, you will find some free tools that may be helpful in your NDT day to day life.

Please enjoy our WidgeNDT and let us know your feedback. We would like to improve our contribution to ease your professional activities!


Phased Array principle

Slowness curves

Snell's law


If you encounter any trouble to run our WidgeNDT, please try the following procedure :
  • Go to the "Configuration Panel"
  • Open the JAVA configuration panel
  • Go to the "Security" tab
  • In the exception site list, add the two following websites by clicking on "Edit Site List":
  • Restart your browser and try running a WidgeNDT

We also recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox.
The WidgeNDT are not currently compatible with Google Chrome.