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CIVA 2016

CIVA 2016, the new version of CIVA will be presented at the WCNDT.
Read the release notes here.

Newsletter EXTENDE
As you know, from the 13th to the 17th of June 2016, Extende will attend the WCNDT Event, in booth n°B 120. Every four years, the world conference is a great opportunity to meet experts of NDT and exchange ideas about new techniques and innovation.

If you want to meet with some technical experts to discover the new version of CIVA: CIVA 2016, click here and write your name at the most convenient date and time for you.
On top of the conference
From our side, we have organized a workshop about bimetallic weld inspections, in partnership with Olympus on the 14th of June. Click here and register to share this experience in Saal 12a!

You will also have the opportunity to see some weld inspection demonstrations with the Gekko device from M2M company in EXTENDE's booth.
Interview: Mr. Matthias Purschke
This month, we had the great honor to be able to interview Dr. Purschke, President of the 19th WCNDT conference taking place in Munich.

Dear Dr. Purschke, it seems that before being president of the WCNDT you have had many functions in the NDT field. Could you let us know what were your motivations to move from a technical expert position within the R&D department at GE to a position at the DGZfP? Don’t you miss the technique? Read More.
Boost your CIVA results
  Thanks to EXTENDE's HPC calculation service you can boost your CIVA results!
You need to study many CIVA configurations to develop your systems or prepare your inspections?
Benefit from our HPC CIVA cluster in order to save money and shorten your R&D process. You will be able to access many simulation results without investing in a costly calculation platform and additional CIVA licenses. You just need to send us your CIVA description file and we will launch all the calculations on our cluster. After the simulation we will send you all the simulated files ready to post-process with your CIVA license. Read more.
More than 16 700 views on YouTube
  We would like to thank you for the 15 000 views of our 40 videos on our YouTube Extende channel. This represents 12 days continuously for a person watching our videos! Thanks also to our 116 followers! We’ll keep on posting interesting videos on NDT simulation, to inform you about our products, to provide knowledge, to explain physics, to try to improve NDT methods and practices. We appreciate your feedback and listen to your ideas, needs and comments. Don't hesitate sharing! Read more.
NDT WOW (Words of Wisdom)
  In its new series drawing upon the collective knowledge of NDT professionals across industries, sectors, and locations, the WOW section of the March/April CINDE Journal magazine provides tips, tricks, lessons learned, and words of wisdom to those currently working in NDT and those trying to break into the industry. This time, a member of the EXTENDE team was interviewed. Ms. Erica Schumacher, Vice President of Extende Inc. Find here the full content of what she replied, and more information on our blog.
Training on GWT in June
  You want to discover the new capabilities of the Guided Wave module included in CIVA 2016? Then, come to our premises and attend the next training session from the 20th to the 21st of June, in Massy, FRANCE. If you are interested in this session, please send us an e-mail at contact@extende.com.
CIVA Tip: Subtraction

Subtraction in CIVA

  Since CIVA 2015.a, the subtraction between two signals is available from the “Signal processing” icon in the analysis bar. Clicking on this icon opens a postprocessing window, with the “Envelope” processing type defined by default. To access to the other processing types, click on “Envelope”, and the whole list will appear. Select “Subtraction” and the appropriate window opens. Now, as in the previous CIVA versions, you can directly delimit the signal to remove on the reference signal A-scan. The output signal A-scan will be interactively modified. Read more.
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