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  We told you about it, some of you participated, and others missed it. The free webinars we organized these past two months, one about a General overview of CIVA 2016 new capabilities and another one about Composites in CIVA, are now available on our YouTube Channel (without the questions of the participants). Time for a second session on our YouTube Channel that fits your schedule!
Interview of Mr. Aldrin
 Mr. John Aldrin, first user of CIVA FIDEL 2D, working at Computational Tools, replied to our interview. Find his feedback below.
You are working at Computational Tools. Can you explain to us what do you do?
Since graduating from Northwestern University in 2001, Iíve been doing engineering consulting in the field of nondestructive evaluation, under the name Computational Tools. Iíve always had an interest in the transition of research developments and emerging technologies to practical applications. Much of my work has been focused on the transition of technologies with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. Read more...
EXTENDE is engaged is the Global Compact
  Despite its small size, EXTENDE remains, year after year, committed, supportive, and motivated to implement and promote the 10 principles of the Global Compact, relating to the themes of Environment, Labour, Human Rights and Anti-corruption. With a young team, whose job is also to preserve the environment, the signature of Global Compact was obvious to all. Thus, for the fourth time, EXTENDE publishes its annual Communication On Progress. It is available on our website.
Computed Tomography
  This year, the program of the WCNDT convention designated a significant amount of time to tomography with slightly less than 40 papers presented in more than 15 sessions, including 4 devoted entirely to this topic. All of this proves that computed tomography is one of the major NDT technologies of the future, regardless of the area of investigation: Automotive, Aerospace, Culture, Geology, Metrology, and also in medicine. As you know, CIVA is able to model tomographic inspection and process experimental data using a reconstruction algorithm. In the future releases, CIVA CT will progress with the modeling of complex robotic trajectories, and also the emergence of new reconstruction algorithms, thereby optimizing your process of inspection. Feel free to send us your requirements and expectations about tomographic inspection simulation.
CIVA Tip: CIVA 2016 Beam Coverage

Improve the reconstructed view

  In CIVA 2016, the ray tracing tools have been enhanced. Let's consider the outer inspection of a pipe. In the Ray tracing toolboxes, the Beam toolbox selects the display of a ray from the probe center, a beam of rays from the crystal, or the conical beam shape. It is even possible to hide the near field area, where flaw/sound beam interactions may be inaccurate. A ray coverage tool is available. It displays the rays for all scanning positions, but it can also be combined with the beam display. It is then possible to check if a flaw may or may not be reached by the beam during the scanning. Read more ...
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