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CIVA 2015 has been released!
  You were expecting it, you must have received it by now. CIVA 2015 has been delivered to CIVA users. You can find on our website the full description of the capabilities of this new version in the release note: UT analysis features, EMAT for Guided Waves, detectability criteria in RT Module, Inches in all GUI, a lot of issues fixed and optimizations… Take a look at all the new capabilities and try them!
As you may have noticed, the numbering of version has changed: CIVA 2015. You may imagine, and you would be right, that our aim is to have one new version every year! This will help to take your feedback into account more efficiently, and to make CIVA a better tool for tomorrow.
A new UT analysis module in this new version
  From Acquisition Data to Examination Report, you need the most efficient tools. Safe, easy to use, powerful, with a custom approach, must-have functionalities, this new CIVA module has been designed to assist you in your most difficult analysis tasks.
It will not only help you extract interesting information, avoid losing time with heavy manipulations or represent in an understandable way the most complex views, it will also assist you in doing the correct diagnosis, taking benefits from the most innovative tools such as TFM.
Also available as a standalone version, CIVA UT Analysis module can follow you on site!
Interview: Ms. Olga Petrova
  Last month, Ms. Olga Petrova, Commercial Director at Locus Ltd., and recent distributor of CIVA in Russia shared with us her testimony about CIVA. We had also the chance to meet with her again during the NDT Territory conference, in which we shared a booth together in Moscow.
Dear Ms. Olga Petrova, you are commercial director at Locus Ltd. Can you briefly present your company to us?
"Locus" Ltd. was established in 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and specializes in equipment supply and complex solutions and services in non-destructive testing (UT, RT, MT, PT, and now also Simulation for NDT) and additionally in technological equipment for surface treatment.
Presentation of a paper at the AEND
  As we already informed you, EXTENDE will attend the AEND conference in Seville within two months, from the 6th to the 8th of May. At this occasion, Mr. Roman Fernandez, will present a paper: "Advanced Tools based on Simulation for Analysis of Ultrasonic Data", dealing with the new module “CIVA Analysis”, a tool providing ultrasonic manual data inversion assisted by simulation.
Seats left for a CIVA training in the U.S.A.
  Interested in training for CIVA 2015?
Our next intercompany class in North American will be held from the 14th to the 17th of April, 2015 in Malta, NY and will teach CIVA UT and RT. This hands-on class will show you many helpful ways to optimize your use of CIVA.
For a full description of the class please see page 11 of our Training Catalog. Please contact us by the end of March, 2015 to register for this class.
EXTENDE present in 40 countries
  EXTENDE celebrates its 5 years of existence this year, and we are proud to let you know that with more than 240 companies around the globe actively using CIVA, we have customers in more than 40 countries. The number of new clients keeps increasing, as well as the number of members of our team.
New products, new versions and new partnerships are on their way and we are very happy to share this experience with you.
Women in NDT
  In the frame of our Global Compact initiative, that we signed in 2013, we agreed to embrace and promote 10 universal principles.
These principles imply to contribute to empower women and integrate gender equality into the corporate sustainability. Thus, we take the opportunity of women's day to share with you our concern toward women, and inform you that in a field in which women represent only 27% of the total workforce, EXTENDE's team is composed at 38,5% of women.
CIVA Tip: Assign a material

  Did you know that assigning a material in an automated way is possible in CIVA?
If you have a specimen with many volumes and you need to copy the material of one of them in different other volumes, you can do it automatically with just a right click. This method is really time-saving when several volumes have the same parameters.
Do not hesitate to watch this video for a demo!
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