Flux® Software for electromagnetic methods simulation

FLUX® is a FEM commercial software simulating electromagnetics and thermal physical phenomena.



FLUX® is developed by Altair.



FLUX® is a mature and recognized tool, with 30 years of development and more than 1000 references worldwide in many industrial sectors.

EXTENDE fully masters FLUX® software with a part of its staff having a strong experience in FEM.

As a general purpose software, FLUX® offers a perfect complementarity to the semi-analytical approach of CIVA, which allows enlarging the field of applications that EXTENDE can address for you:


In Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Applications in Steam Generator Tubes Inspection


  • Influence of conductive deposits:



  • Influence of support plates:



  • Accounting for tube Transition Zones:



  • Study of the response of eddy current probes in bended parts:



Complex geometries of specimens, probes, flaws




Influence of specimen boundaries



In other electromagnetic methods such as Magnetic Particle (MT)

  • FLUX® displays the magnetization field amplitude and direction.
  • FLUX® can help knowing the zone coverage where flaws can be detected.
  • Different magnetization techniques can be compared and optimized:

Non contact magnetization (solenoids, magnetic yokes, induction coils with custom shapes)



Direct magnetization: With electric currents passed trough the specimen




In Thermography (IRT)

  • Study of temperature charts obtained for various defect sizes, specimen materials, heating frequencies and durations:

Example of Induction Thermography


Courtesy of SAFRAN TECH


FLUX® can also address SHM with embedded sensors