Your NDT needs

You have little time to realize simulations on your own, but you wish to take advantage of the benefits of simulation?

Less mock-ups – Reduce time to market
Performance demonstration – Check feasability –
Efficient design – Increased reliability – Convince – Innovation


Our consulting team will help you

  • Design a probe, an inspection process
  • Check the feasibility of an inspection
  • Optimize, validate a procedure
  • Reduce time to market while designing a probe or an inspection
  • Simulate a complex diagnosis
  • Quantify the impact of influent and uncertain parameters on results
  • Provide simulation results for technical justifications (ENIQ, RSEM…), performance demonstration
  • Reduce costs of POD (design of experiment, simulated curve…) and qualification process: Less mock-ups!
  • Visualize to highlight your ideas and convince
  • Study innovative technologies before replacing conventional ones
  • Firm up your diagnosis after on-site inspections
  • Visualize to understand physical phenomena


Our consulting service can also be helpful for CIVA Users

  • Check your configurations, prepare complex configurations
  • Perform heavy calculations or variations
  • Check the limits of models
  • Create your scripts to run CIVA, potentially provided with a Graphical User Interface


Your interest to trust us

Be sure your simulation is made by the best specialists in the world (our team does CIVA training all around the world and for all CIVA users, and is constantly in touch with the CEA development team).



By trusting our experts team, you will benefit from:

  • Fast and good use of the software
  • Perfect knowledge of all the tools included in the software
  • Clear view of model limits
  • Long experience in all fields (Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Aeronautics…)

We are neutrals and indépendants (no on-site inspection): our diagnosis is impartial.

Our organization is ISO 9001 Certified.


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