Interview - Håkon Hasting

18th January, 2013

This month, Mr. Håkon Stokka Hasting, engineer at DNV Stavanger, was interviewed regarding CIVA and its applications within the company. You will find below his point of view on simulation.


Håkon Hasting


Dear Håkon, can you let us know when you started using CIVA?

I started using CIVA in 2010.

How did you hear about this simulation software?

I got aware of CIVA during several conference sessions on UT modeling.


Which type of activities do  you use CIVA for?

CIVA is mainly used for verification of UT procedures, both prior to and after inspection.


What convinced you to use simulation?

We observed an increasing need in the market for validation of advanced UT procedures. For many applications, there are limited possibilities for mock-up testing, which left us with a purely qualitative evaluation as the main option for verification. Simulation was identified as a way to extend our capabilities.


What did it change for you? Can you give us an example of what CIVA brought to your work?

CIVA has been used as a part of larger verification projects, where further evaluation of inspection capability is identified as a demand. Usually there is some doubt attributed to the inspection procedure. CIVA is then very useful to provide quantitative information on performance. CIVA simulations will then be used as a supplement to qualitative statements, or to reduce or avoid costly testing when this, for several reasons, might be inconvenient.


Are you going to keep on using simulation?

Definitely yes! I think there is an increasing potential and demand for reliable and efficient simulation tools for NDT, as the techniques and applications are getting more and more complex. Within the oil and gas industry, the demand will also be pushed by an increasing need to better utilize the materials, induced by tighter acceptance criteria for NDT. Simulation is an efficient and cost-effective way to optimize NDT for its purpose.


What do you expect to appear in CIVA 11?

I have no clear expectations, but I hope that the POD function from CIVA 10 will be improved. I would further appreciate improved capabilities on easy modeling of coarse grained materials.