Multiskip cylindrical: Notch: results obtained with the flat specimen

The evaluation of multiskip echoes was performed on the planar block with an angle of incidence of 19° in order to generate T45° waves in the specimen.

The figure below shows a comparison between simulation and experiment for the first 3 multiskip echoes in the flat mock-up.

The comparison simulation/experience of multiskip echoes numbered from 1 to 7 showed a good prediction of echodynamic curves, of the echoes and of the Ascans shape (Figure below).

The amplitude of the multiskips echoes decreases linearly with the ultrasound path in the specimen (see figure below).


The amplitude drop is 47dB between the corner echo (echo multiskip n°1) and echo multiskip n°7. This trend is very well reproduced by CIVA. The maximum difference between experiment and simulation is 2 dB (amplitudes referenced with the amplitude of a SDHØ2mm located at 6mm depth in the flat specimen).


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