Ultrasound - Phased Arrays

Configurations involving phased array probes are frequently encountered in NDT. For these probes, the delay law calculation is fundamental and must be valid. In this page, the work focuses on the experimental characterization of linear and matrix phased array probes to which were applied different delay laws available in CIVA10 (single or multi points focusing, sectorial scanning and direction and depth scanning). To do so, the CIVA predictions of specular echoes from calibration defects (side drilled holes and flat-bottomed holes) located in homogeneous isotropic flat specimens will be compared with experimental results obtained experimentally with phased array probes. The responses of side drilled holes located at different depths allow to compare the refraction angle specified in CIVA with one measured experimentally. The study of flat bottom holes responses located at different depths allows to measure the field characteristics into the specimen.


Phased array generalities

expErimental and simulation set up

Results obtained with the several depths focusing algorithm

REsults obtained with the sectorial scanning algorithm

REsult obtained for the direction and depth focusing algorithm

General Conclusion