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We believe that innovation in materials, shapes and assemblies must go along with innovation in NDE. Methods, probes, POD, and continuous improvements are mandatory. 

CIVA is used by major global players in the aeronautics and space industry. With continuous interaction with the CEA, we ensure that CIVA remains a tool that helps innovative people advance. 


With CIVA, we can display the beam in the specimen.

We display the zone coverage, here with a phased array probe.

We design innovative probes.

Our methodology and our tools allow you to optimize the size and the number of elements of your phased array probe.

We check the ability of your probe to detect the flaws you are looking for.

We check that the flaws that have to be inserted in your mock-up are well positionned in order to avoid complex and unwanted interaction (mode conversion...).

FLUX® can simulate infrared thermography inspection (IRT). Examples of temperature charts obtained by simulation for various defect sizes, specimen materials, heating frequencies and durations (Induction Thermography):

Courtesy of SAFRAN TECH


We can vary influential parameters in a range of values. These parameters can be related to the probe, the flaws, the mock-up or the inspection procedure.

Combined variations will allow you to reduce the number of mock-ups you will need, and to evaluate the range in which these parameters will have the most significant influence.

You can make all these simulations with CIVA. We can also propose our calculation capabilities to save time, with or without checking your configurations. We can use more that 25 calculation nodes, and we also have internal tools to extract results in a rigourous and efficient manner.

In 2013, we have made more than 50 000 calculations for our customers.

SIMULATION RESULTS can be integrated into POD, thus reducing the number of mock-ups.

CIVA allows to calculate POD's, and also to import experimental results that can be mergered with simulated results.


UT, ET, RT, all three techniques are linked with the POD tool of CIVA. We can help you define your design of experiment, we can help you select the uncertainties and their range of variation along with the appropriate statistic operator.

we can run and analyse complex and massive calculations

We can run simulations for you. Either complex cases with 3D CAD, anisotropic material, branched defects, tomographic cases... Or massive calculation cases with hundreds of flaws, parameters variations, multiple probes...


We have the computers to run calculations, we have the tools to manage thousands of results without mistake.