Radiographic Testing for Education

The RT module of CIVA Education gives acces to:


Direct radiation computation for qualitative and fast simulation

  • Planar and Cylindrical component geometries, one weld example
  • Material database including various steel alloys
  • Gamma-Ray isotopes: Co60, Ir192, Se75
  • X-ray source database of different energies (from xx kV to xx kV)
  • Argentic film database and photostimulable image plate detectors
  • ASTM Hole penetrameters and wire EN-IQI
  • Parallelepiped or spherical defects (void or inclusion)
  • Accounts for geometrical unsharpness
  • Photon paths display


Examples of simulations

Among many other ideas, the RT module of CIVA Education will help you to teach the following topic:


  • Visualize the impact of thickness change on the radiogram obtained.


  • Highlight the impact of specimen materials on the photons path and the radiogram obtained.


  • Illustrate the sensitivity of the RT technique depending on the defect orientation.


  • Check the effect of the exposure time on the obtained level of density on the film.


  • Evaluate the impact of the source orientation on a pipe component to locate the flaw.
  • Understand the impact of geometrical unsharpeness and its origin.
  • Illustrate the difference obtained with sources of different energy level.
  • Etc.