Physics of NDT made clear by simulation


CIVA Education, a simplified version of the reference NDT simulation software CIVA, is the ultimate tool to help you teach the "physics behind NDT" to your students and trainees, efficiently and at a low cost.

The raw results provided by NDT systems are not always easy to interpret due to the numerous input parameters and the complex physical phenomena involved in an NDT inspection.

Moreover, the available time to train students or operators on the physics of NDT is quite limited as the schedule is often focused on the practice of NDT (manipulating the probe, setting the system, etc.).

The simple, realistic and interactive interface of CIVA Education makes it easy to highlight the main phenomena and understand typical NDT results in a visual and comprehensive environment. 

It provides a lot of images and analysis curves, assisting the understanding of results more efficiently than comparing single signals together.

With quick computations, users can easily try various inspection configurations and understand the importance and influence of the main input parameters (component geometry and dimensions, material properties, type and settings for probes/sources, defects location and dimensions, etc.).

Discover this tool, designed for universities and training centers from the reference NDT simulation software!


CIVA Education Release Note


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