Available CIVA version

The current commercial version is CIVA 2023

The latest version CIVA 2023 features: a new Data Science environment, a new AUT Pipeline module, a lot of new capacities in the SHM module, new Phase Coherence algorithms available in TFM UT, new acquisition data formats compatible with CIVA UT and ET, Pulsed Phase Thermography in CIVA TT, 2D CAD specimen now available in ET Inspection Simulation, new capacities and improved performances in the GWT module, new IQIs and better management of scattering computation in CIVA RT, and a "SuperBatch" manager to optimize computation times and robustness on multi-core computers.

More details on this version in the documents below:

CIVA 2023 Release Note

CIVA 2023 Software Data Sheet


CIVA Education is available

CIVA Education is a simplified version of CIVA for universities and training centers, adapted to understanding the physical phenomena involved in Non-Destructive Testing.

CIVA Education Release Note