Available CIVA version

The current commercial version is CIVA 2020

The latest version CIVA 2020 includes significant enhancements both in terms of functionnalities and performances, among which: an integrated tool for DAC curves and TCG computation, especially for Phased-Array sensors, a further integration of FEM tools within CIVA UT, a dedicated environment for nozzle UT inspection, a linear scan module in RT and CT, new defect profiles in ET, some mode analysis tools in the GWT module, and an enhancement of the metamodels capabilities and its extension to the RT and GWT modules.


CIVA 2020 Release Note


More details on this version in the documents below:


CIVA 2020 Software Data Sheet


A new option to be even more efficient is now available: CIVA Script lets you drive CIVA with script files!

A new module is now available: CIVA SHM!


CIVA Education is available

CIVA Education is a simplified version of CIVA for universities and training centers, adapted to understanding the physical phenomena involved in Non-Destructive Testing.


CIVA Education Release Note