Available CIVA version

The current commercial version is CIVA 2021

The latest version CIVA 2021 features: a new Thermographic Testing module, a dedicated tool for Steam Generator Tube Eddy Current inspection modelling, a new "Sensitivity Coverage" environment to give ultrasonic coverage and sensitivity maps, advanced features for PA UT TFM, new probes in CIVA UT (Daisy, Shear Waves 0°, etc.), a bridge to an advanced analysis software in CIVA RT, more flaws and discontinuities available in CIVA GWT, and a new organisation of the parametric studies and metamodels for more efficient design of experiments.


CIVA 2021 Release Note


More details on this version in the documents below:


CIVA 2021 Software Data Sheet


And of course, still there in CIVA 2021, let’s not forget the recent CIVA SHM module, and CIVA Script, the add-on that lets you drive CIVA with script files!


CIVA Education is available

CIVA Education is a simplified version of CIVA for universities and training centers, adapted to understanding the physical phenomena involved in Non-Destructive Testing.


CIVA Education Release Note