We believe that the safety of travelers, the longevity and availability of infrastructures and means of transportation is a major stake. Quality and control frequency must be in constant improvement.

Materials difficult to control, speeding up the inspections without reducing their quality, restrictive environment, issue of safety of persons. Our skills and tools can be an asset to secure and optimize your controls.


With CIVA, we can display the beam in the specimen.

We display the zone coverage, here with a phased array probe.

We design innovative probes.

Our methodology and our tools allow to optimize the size and the number of elements of your phased array probe.

We check the ability of your probe to detect the flaws you are looking for.

We check that the flaws that have to be inserted in your mock-up are well positionned in order to avoid complex and unwanted interaction (mode conversion...).

FLUX® can simulate infrared thermography inspection (IRT). Examples of temperature charts obtained by simulation for various defect sizes, specimen materials, heating frequencies and durations (Induction Thermography):

Courtesy of SAFRAN TECH


With CIVA, we can simulate the probes you wish to use on the mock-up for which you have only plans, and with the flaws you imagine. Everything is virtual, no waste, no lost investments, a very reduced time frame.

We can make variations of the values of a parameter for which an experimental variation would be very expansive or impossible: Frequency of the probe, size of the crystal, position or power of a source, tilt of a defect from -80° to 80°, orientation of the anisotropy of the material of the mock-up...


We can vary influential parameters in a range of values. These parameters can be related to the probe, the flaws, the mock-up or the inspection procedure.

Combined variations will allow you to reduce the number of mock-ups you will need, and to evaluate the range in which these parameters will have the most important influence.

You can make all these simulations with CIVA. We can also propose our calculation capabilities to save time, with or without checking your configurations. We can use more that 25 calculation nodes, and we also have internal tools to extract results efficiently and rigourously.

In 2013, we have made more than 50 000 calculations for our customers.

We evaluate your process to optimize them

You wish to check an inspection procedure? We can simulate all the different stages from calibration to analysis, while getting through DAC generation, signal processing or results segmentation.

We can evaluate the detection capabilities of the process on target-flaws or in terms of PoD on a distribution of standard flaws.

When the procedure requires several ET or UT inspections per access surface and/or several probes, we can estimate which flaws will be noted by neither of the planned methods. In this case, we can help you think of complementary inspection methods that would allow spotting these flaws. We can also estimate the contribution of each of the different methods on the overall performance, so as to minimize the number of required inspections.

We can also estimate the performances of tomographic reconstruction depending on the number of projections performed, in order to determine the minimal number of shots that allows spotting the indications.