CIVA User interviews

We have customers in more than 38 different countries, and we think that a real and direct contact is very important. This is why we want to share information with our customers and visitors in the most efficient way.

Under this section, you will find some interviews of people in relation with the world of NDT that may give you another point of view on CIVA and Simulation. We feel like these could be especially interesting for those who cannot visit us in France or during exhibitions.


Steve Mahaut

Michele Carboni

Nicolas Dominguez

Loïc de Roumilly

Jean-Michel Puybouffat

Gustavo Pinto Pires

Håkon Hasting

Jeff Milligan

João Conte

Elena Jasiuniene

Uday Godbole

Theo Martinez and Philippe Dumas

Gérard Cattiaux

Jean-Pierre Gustin

Mike Lowe

Manuel Plateau

Olga Petrova

IVan Castro and Iratxe Aizpurua

Gwenael Toullelan

Wesley J. KEller

Jiang Yunxi

Fa-Chung Chen

Vincent Pasquer

Matthias Purschke

ETienne Martin

Larry Cote

John C. Aldrin

Lars Skoglund

Alexey Slesarev

Mario Cence

Patrick Pichard

Stéphane Leberre

Eric Bai

Aroldo Claus

Philippe Da Silva

Curtis Schroeder

Mukesh Arora

Benoit Puel

Alison Glover

Cyril Kouzoubachian

Vivian Didier

Carl Arnesson

Jose Brizuela Sanchez

Jonathan Peixoto

Bengisu Yilmaz

Ed Ginzel

Mariana Burrowes Guimarães

Peter Juarez

Julien Banchet

Joel François

Jose-Luis Lanzagorta

Philippe Rioux