Interview - Carl Arnesson

17th May 2021


Today, we had the honor to exchange a few words with Mr. Carl Arnesson, Business Development / Sales Manager at Novatic Industrial AB, and Level III in UT, MT, PT, VT, and also IWE.


Carl Arnesson


You are currently working at Novatic Industrial AB. Could you tell us about Novatic and your role within the company?

Of course. Novatic is a company located in Sweden, working on the Swedish market with sales and service of NDT and Material Analysis equipment and accessories. We are currently 4 employees and have an ambition to grow with more products and personnel.

I’m working with sales and love to be out in the field helping customers to find solutions, but I’m also working with business development trying to find new products that can be of use for the Swedish industry such as TraiNDE.


Last year, you purchased your first TraiNDE UT device. What do you think of this innovative product? How can it help you in your daily activities?

It is a fantastic product, I really like it a lot! From my point of view, it can help for exhibitions to show people how ultrasonics works in an easier way, since you can look at the defects on the screen at the same time as you look at the UT device. My second thought is for training schools, and the interest from them is big, but also the industry with several UT trained personnel, as I see this as a product that helps certified operators to be safer and train on a weekly basis to maintain knowledge.


EXTENDE has just released TraiNDE RT, our new control simulator product developed in virtual reality. What are your feelings about this new product?

It is innovative, I have just got it, but have already several demos booked for the system. It is something new that the market has not seen before.


In your opinion, how exactly can both TraiNDE UT and RT help NDT?

Reduce the time for practice before getting the certificate; help new personnel to get a better understanding of how the technique works; we have one example for a training school where they are thinking of sending TraiNDE UT out to the students some weeks before the course just to get them into the loop (of course with a step-by-step guide and YouTube video in local language) to understand the theory better. There are new applications coming all the time.


You recently became our new distributor for TraiNDE in Sweden and had the opportunity to showcase TraiNDE at the Swedish NDE Conference in April 2021. What is your feedback from clients so far?

It was the first digital NDE Conference in Sweden, focusing on Industry 4.0, and I had the opportunity to present TraiNDE UT & RT just before the lunch break. When I got back from lunch, I had several emails from people that had seen my presentation and wanted a demo and more information, so the feedback was immediate.


What improvements are you expecting for TraiNDE, both for the near future and long term?

I got questions from customers and also my own expectations:

  • In the future, will we be able to add our own references?
  • Can we add some tests (blocks for which you cannot see where the defects are located until you have performed the full test and marked the defects)?
  • Also, will Phased Array be available for TraiNDE UT in the future, and digital solution CR/DR for TraiNDE RT?

The EXTENDE team answers:

  • Indeed, we are currently working on the 1.3 version of TraiNDE UT, which will include improvements with detailed specifications, in order to enable users to create their own database or custom exercises from experimental data or from CIVA simulations. In addition to this, it will be possible to duplicate a given exercise and to move the defects within the duplicated specimen. For one given block, the trainee will be able to practice on different defect locations every time!
  • This is already possible! TraiNDE UT comes with trainer and trainee modes. While it is possible to display the defects' location in trainer mode, when switching to trainee mode, it is possible to fully hide the defects, to better match real conditions.
  • The development of PA applications for TraiNDE UT and CR/DR for TraiNDE RT is being worked on, but there is no current estimate as for when they will be ready to be added as a feature.