In this page, some validation results of the CIVA software for TOFD (Time Of Flight Diffraction Technique) inspection configurations are presented. In particular, notches diffraction echoes are validated. Because calibration was performed with the response of Side-Drilled Holes (SDH), we will present first the validation of SDH responses obtained with TOFD. Validation of the response of a vertical notch, lateral wave and backwall echoes are presented

 The discrepancies between experimental and simulated results will be summarized and explained each part.


Note : The results presented in this page are valid for standard probes. Studies have shown that amplitudes predictions provided by CIVA are not well correlated with measurements for probe with bandwidth larger than 80%. However, no problem is observed for time of flight prediction with large bandwidths. Therefore, when simulating such probes, the user should be very careful and an experimental calibration is advised. Studies are still in progress to solve this modeling problem.



Presentation of the studied configurations

Results on Side Drilled Holes

Results on the lower tip of a vertical notch

Results on the top edge of a vertical notch

Results on backwall echoes

Results on lateral waves