CIVA HPC Simulation Package

Boost your CIVA results and optimizations with EXTENDE's HPC calculation service!

You need to study many CIVA configurations to develop your systems or prepare your inspections? Benefit from our HPC CIVA cluster in order to save money and shorten your R&D process.

Your engineering team will be able to analyze not just a single design idea, but many design variations. By simulating multiple design options concurrently, R&D teams can identify dramatic engineering optimizations saving physical prototypes, time and money.

You will be able to access many simulation results without investing in a costly calculation platform and additional CIVA licenses.

You just need to send us your CIVA description file and we will launch all the calculations on our cluster.

After the simulation we will send you all the simulated files ready to post-process with your CIVA license.

A very attractive offer: you pay only for the solving time, no fix fees!

  • 250 hours package: 1,500 €
  • 1,000 hours package: 4,500 €

Calculation time will be deducted from your package.

For example, if you submit 3 CIVA configurations requiring 50 hours of calculation per configuration, 150 hours will be deducted from your package.

Contact us to learn more about this great option!