Interview - Jean-Michel Puybouffat

18th May, 2012

Mr. Jean-Michel Puybouffat, from ROTEK, exchanged a few words with us at the WCNDT in Durban.


Jean-Michel Puybouffat


What does ROTEK do?

Our company is part of the Eskom Industry group (an electric power producer in South Africa). Rotek takes care of the maintenance of all the rotating machines (blade, generator, etc.). Its industrial capabilities are quite similar to Alstom Belfort.


What is your role at ROTEK?

I work in the NDT department, I do machine’s inspections. I work in particular on the design of specific applications (like those related to blades and disks inspections).


Are you happy to attend the WCNDT in Durban? What are your expectations for this conference?

Yes, I am satisfied with the organization. But I am slightly disappointed by the presentation of the materials. I found that the offer is unitary and that there are not a lot of choices. It seems that the equipments have been duplicated, multiplied, and are the same everywhere.


What are you promoting in this congress?

Personally, I came here to settle some small technical problems with suppliers. It is easier to see them for this kind of things. I am not in charge of Rotek’s marketing.


Since how long do you know CIVA?

I have known CIVA for a long time, but I have learned how to use it well only over the past 4 to 5 years.
The software was bought by Rotek and no one was using it (it was bought via Tecnatom), that’s how I started to get into it.


Which kind of applications do you use CIVA for?

I use it essentially for the conception of new inspection methods.


In your opinion, what are the advantages of this software?

The main advantage of CIVA is how the software eases the problems that are encountered. Modelization makes technical manipulations easier, and spares us the trouble of positioning probes everywhere. It is of great help to understand problems.
Thanks to CIVA, we solve problems that we would never have solved otherwise.